On a Lighter Note: Songs in the Key of My Life

I love music.   Truthfully,  who doesn’t.    There’s not a musical genre that I find distasteful.   

Opera.  I love the drama.  

Rock.  There’s nothing like the sound a great guitar playing.  (e.g. “Magic Man” – Heart,  “Sharp-Dressed Man” – ZZ Top and “Life’s Been Good to Me So Far” –  Eagles)

Country.    The Queens of Country are the best:  Dolly Parton (FYI:  She wrote Whitney’s big hit, I Will Always Love You”), Loretta Lynn,  Tammy Wynette and Patsy Cline.  And the guys aren’t half bad either:  Glen Campbell and the incomprable, Johnny Cash)

R&B.   Luther and Barry – always good for the soul — and a few other things.

Here are some  folks I’ve been listening to as of late:

Amy Winehouse  (“Rehab”)  This funky sistah from the UK is the truth.  Love her videos on VH-1.   Her music fuses jazz, rhythm and blues, hip hop and sixties soul to maximum effect.   “Rehab” says, “take that” to everyone who tries to make you out to be crazy.

Kelly Clarkson (“Because of You”) – I love this song and the video.   She’s singing my life with her words:  “Because of you,  I never strayed to far from the sidewalk.  Because of you I learned to play on the safe side so I don’t get hurt.  Because of you, I find it hard to trust not only me but everyone around me.  Because of you I am afraid.”

Carrie Underwood  (“Because He Cheats”) –  The picture of cute (now very little) Carrie Underwood with a baseball bat walking down an alleyway is somehow liberating.   I am not a fan but I have to respect a woman with swagger.  Great song.  Nice hook.  Some other country women with swagger:  The Dixie Chicks.  Love all of their music, especially, I Am Not Ready to Make Nice”.  Neither am I.

 Pink (“U & Ur Hand” and “Don’t Let Me Get Me”) Oh, yes.  I loved this girl — excuse me, “woman” – from the moment I heard her debut CD “Take Me Home”.   When she changed genres from hip hop to rock in her next CD,  Mizzunderstood”,  I felt a little uneasy.  Since I am an R&R (rock and roll) chick at heart, I went along for the ride.   I wasn’t dissapointed.  My favorite song is “Don’t Let Me Get Me“.    My second favorite song comes from Pink’s new CD,  “I’m Not Dead” which I don’t know much about.  I am into the song and the video for “U & Ur Hand” which looks like a graphic novel.   In it, she sets straight guys who think an invitation to dance or and offer for a drink works like an easy access card.  “I’m not here for your entertainment..,” she sings.  You got that right. 

 Beyonce (“Upgrade U”) I’m not a big fan of the weaved wonder but I have to admit I do like this song.   How can you resist a lyric like, “I hear you be the block but I’m the lights that keep the streets on.”

So,  I’m a little into girl power.  Can you blame a sistah?

One thought on “On a Lighter Note: Songs in the Key of My Life

  1. Looks like you and I are riding on the same path. It took a while for Beyonce to grow on me too, but she has in ways that I never expected. That line from “Upgrade U” is rather clever and she’s on a whole other tip with the “pat your weave” dance routine. She’s dipping into Madonna’s closet these days and I’m not mad at her at all.

    Kelly Clarkson, now that woman is the truth. She’s American Idol’s first bonafide star and I don’t think people really know what that means. She’s not going to be a megastar in the Madonna or Beyonce form, but she appears bankable thus far and her career looks like it has legs.

    Btw, I’m diggin the title of this post because it riffs off the title and format for my memoir Songs in the Key of My Life. I’m trying to keep the convo alive at herecomestheremix.com

    Thank you for having another cool blog for me to peruse.

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