On a Lighter Note: Why I Like My “Morning Joe”

Stripper pole comment aside,  I love my Morning Joe.   Hosted by former Florida Congressman Joe Scarborough, this MSNBC show has become appointment viewing every morning it’s broadcast from 6 -9 a.m. ( Imus’ old time slot.)

Before Morning Joe, I watched religious fare on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) to get divine inspiration or tuned in to Vh-1  to get my Jump Start.

Now I wake up, wipe the sleep from my eyes,  wash my face and grab my own morning brew — hot water with lemon and honey —  and settle down in front of the television for my Morning Joe.

I love the chemistry between Joe and his crew:  John Ridley, screenwriter and Esquire magazine and NPR contributor;  Mika Bzresenski, news reader; Ashley, a pretty young thing who reads the viewer email and Chris Licht, the Gelman-like  executive producer. 

The banter is easy on the ears.  Recently, he and Ridley have been trying to get free iPhones.  And the two never fail to lavish praise– tongue and cheek, of course — on GE (MSNBC’s parent company) and/or it’s CEO, Jeff Immelt.

The format is essentially the same as it was when Imus ruled the roost — talking heads calling into the studio.   Articluate (Yes, white people can be “articulate” too.) and knowledgable without being a know-it-all, Joe manages to get these guests to relax and go off script a bit:  Conversative pundit Pat Buchanan comments on “sister” Paris Hilton’s  incarceration drama and Time magazine’s Joe Klein, talks about his time with Rolling Stone magazine. Thanks to Joe,  I can tolerate the show’s usually robotic and insufferable politicians and patrician authors. 

Another pleasant suprise:  I am simply amazed by Joe’s uncanny knowledge of music.   He can quote Commodores’ lyrics and can recognize music from Green Day, White Stripes and Soundgarden.  Last Friday, Joe displayed his piano virtuousity — playing America the Beautiful while lovely Ashley sang.   In stark contrast, decrepit Imus could barely stand on his feet.

I should have known  something was up when I tuned into the last few seconds of  Scarborough Country (Joe’s other show) months ago and he ended the hour by quoting the Kayne West lyrics:  “I ain’t saying she’s no golddigger but she ain’t messing with no broke…”   Hard edit to the next show.

And he shares my b-day, April 9;  so he’s gotta be a great guy.   (By the way,  it’s not too late to send gifts).

It looks like Joe might be heir apparent to Imus.

Good deal.   Joe’s my kind of conservative Republican.  He puts a smile on my face.  Not so easy to do at 6 a.m. 

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4 thoughts on “On a Lighter Note: Why I Like My “Morning Joe”

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  2. You must be kidding. I’ve never seen a more awkward production than Morning Joe.
    Geez, every compliment you just gave him actually applies to Imus. (Oh, and Ashley – the pretty email reader – is IMUS’ find…he put her on air to read his show’s email).

    Come to think of it, what Joe S. does is imitate Imus, and not very well.

    BTW, why the ease in dismissing his “pole” comment ?

  3. i cannot believe this show will get any ratings. once imus is back.. they will drop further if that is possible. this network should just turn off the lights right now..

  4. I so like the music played at intervals on “Morning Joe”. Is anyone out there able to tell me some of the artists? I know one of the songs I have heard is “Running On Empty”. Any more ideas?

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