Quick Take: Thoughts on the Isaiah Washington Petition

I am afraid my people may perish for lack of reasoning.

I guess black lesbian activist Jasmyne Cannick had some spare time on her hands when she decided to “launch” a petition drive “aimed at ABC Entertainment President Steve McPherson in support of recently dismissed ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ actor Isaiah Washington.”

I got wind of this miguided effort via an email press release from Ms. Cannick. 

Here’s the breakdown and my take on this pitiful attempt.  At what?  I don’t know:

Title of Release“Community Rallies Behind Actor Isaiah Washington and Targets ABC President Steve McPherson for His Dismissal

Ms. Cannick, what “community”?   I am assuming you are referring to the “black community”.   Last time I checked,  there was no rioting in the streets,  no real uproar by any so-called “community” following the dismissal of Washington.  And anyway, as a member of the “black community”,  I resent your attempt to try to speak on my behalf.

 The Text of the Petition

The decision to not bring back our beloved Dr. Preston Burke, played by actor Isaiah Washington, on the next season of “Grey’s Anatomy” just further adds to a disturbing new trend at ABC wherein six people have been dismissed.  Blacks, including Isaiah Washington (“Grey’s Anatomy”), Star Jones (“The View”), Harold Perrineau “Lost”), Alfre Woodard, MehcadBrooks, and Page Kennedy (“Desperate Housewives”) have been let go.  Add to that George Lopez, a Latino, of the “George Lopez Show” and out lesbian Rosie O’Donnell of “The View.”  Not to mention actress Diahann Carroll and Richard Roundtree whose characters were directly related to Isaiah Washington’s character.  Now mind you, these are some of your networks most highly rated shows and so one must ask themselves, what is going on?

What disturbing “trend”?   Six people losing their jobs does not constitute a trend and certainly is no cause for alarm.    As for Isaiah Washington,  he fell on his sword  when he decided to drop the f-bomb during the Golden Globes press conference — effectively putting the kabash on what should have been a celebratory moment for the cast and the show’s black producer, Shonda Rhimes. 

And Star Jones,  like Washington,  was responsible for her own demise.   When she morphed from intelligent lawyer to queen of all bridzillas, it was all over but the shouting.   Even Jones had to admit that she had taken her enthusiam over her wedding plans a bit too far. 

As for the rest of the list:   Alfre Woodard, Mechad Brooks, and Page Kennedy were just “victims” of an uninteresting and awkward story line;  Rosie O’Donnell, who was not dismissed but left on her own accord, was a “victim” of her highly confrontational manner;  George Lopez’s great show had run its course;    I don’t watch “Lost” but Michelle Rodriquez, a fellow castmember of Perrineau’s, also “lost”  her job but  somehow missed your list;  Regarding Richard Roundtree and Dianhann Carroll, all I can say is, “That’s just the way it goes.”

It’s a fact that Isaiah has been the target of an orchestrated campaign focused on getting him fired from “Grey’s Anatomy” since the incident with his co-stars was unleashed in the media.  And while we don’t approve of his use of the f-word at the Golden Globes, Washington has since apologized and go onto to perform community service by way of a Public Service Announcement for the very organizations that have been orchestrating his dismissal.  But it seems it wasn’t enough.

Isaiah Washington doesn’t deserve to lose his job and ABC can’t afford to let another minority actor go, especially an African American considering you have so few to begin with.

Keep Dr. Preston Burke on “Grey’s Anatomy!” 

“Community service”?  Sister, please.   One PSA does not constitute “community service.”   And you forgot to mention that he allegedly went to “rehab”.   I didn’t know that they had “rehab” for self-absorbed, combative, black celebrities who insist on self-sabatoge. 

Ms. Cannick, I am quite suprised at your response to Washington’s dismissal.  I wonder how sympathetic you would be if Washington had called one of his black female co-workers, the “h-word”,  the “b-word” or worse. 

Considering how the black community is so very challenged by the problems of HIV/AIDS and homophobia,  Ms. Cannick, your spare time could have been better spent. 

3 thoughts on “Quick Take: Thoughts on the Isaiah Washington Petition

  1. It’s because he (Isaiah) took her on a trip to Africa recently. I’d love to see her response to a white person who “apologizes” after using the N-word. I doubt it would be so welcoming. I respect Jasmyne but am absolutely puzzled by all of this.

  2. If everyone began to get hauled over the coals or destroyed solely for use of word/s that hurt someone or the other’s sentiments, and if they all began hate campaigns like Knight, incited larger groups to exact revenge for personal slurs, not much of the fine country would remain indivisible. So, before being all judgmental and holier than thou just practice some forgiveness and make allowances, cut some slack, let the hapless guy take his job and income back without everyone baying for his blood nonstop. People have committed worse crimes with not a fraction of the punishment and loss that this guy has faced. Time to show your own compassion and acceptance, all you who point a finger, before judging and blaming anyone else judge yourself.

  3. Why is it that eveyone is happy to attack someone, but if anyone wants to support a person and talk of forgiving and moving on …all this nasty talk and negative feedback. Cynical and revengeful, is this all that remains of humanity? Anyone who wants to speak a good word is biased, is misguided? All you who want to be unforgiving and make some huge example of one man’s not-so-big mistake and you all are non-biased..really ?? There lies a huge bias in the river of venom from the gays, some been mislead by media and some are just very racist. Wow. What a lopsided and skewed outlook is this, of some angry people.Shocking.Take a deep look within, and find that maybe the anger hatred phobia and intolerance lies within you who pour out the relentless animosity and retribution, and not in one angry word used by anyone. You can win over a number of ignorant people ONLY with love and forgiveness and bigheartedness. These ranting and revengeful tantrums will not help the cause of gays or any minority.You give a chance to bigots to say, ‘Look at their hatred and rage. See, we knew we were right to fear such anger and hatred.’ tut tut to the ‘writeandride’ of this article. You are deriding everyone’s goodness because you have not enough faith in it.Do some good without any selfish purposes and you will feel a lot better about yourself and others. Maybe you can even find yourself rooting to get back IW’s job with Gray’s; seeing as it is petitions signed by angry folks like yourself which got him fired, after just about everyone else had forgiven the guy. TRK, Gray’s,IW’s fans, many of the gays even…EXCEPT this unforgiving lot.

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