Quick Take: Star Parker and Her “Best Week Ever”

I couldn’t believe it.   I guess I was in denial. 

Then I heard it again. 

“Star Parker is having the Best Week Ever.”

To quote the great Whitney Houston, “Oh hell to the naw!”

VH-1 ‘s  Best Week Ever, a television series which spoofs the week’s goings on, made the pronouncement on last Friday’s show.

 Who is Star Parker?


Whew… I said it.

She won the honor of having “The Best Week Ever” by making the show “entertaining.”

 No, it wasn’t “entertaining”, just painful.  I tried to watch the show but I couldn’t make it beyond the opening “Hot Topics” segment. Parker kept talking over her co-hosts and giving lame reasons for her ultra-conservative views.  The four abortion having,  ex-thief and former welfare recipient (fun facts provided by Barbara Walters in her introduction of Parker), had difficulty providing straightforward answers to questions like:  Why if you had four abortions are you against stem cell research saying that it is the killing of human life?  And if you are against gay marriage because heterosexual marriage is what is right and good, why are you divorced? 

Parker attributes her transformation to being “born again”.  Too bad she couldn’t have been reborn as an intelligent, thoughtful, well-spoken woman.

Full Disclosure Moment

Okay, I must tell you the truth.  I am way over bombastic black conservatives who get what I believe to be too much air time. 

As a braid-wearing black conservative who isn’t a loud-mouth, hasn’t had an abortion and has never been on welfare, I can’t seem to get a word in edgewise.  

Let me explain.  Although I had written op-eds that had been published in papers such as the Huntsville (Ala.) Times  and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution,  I had a difficult time getting a more prominent and/or permanent forum in media outlets like AOL Black Voices and talk radio.  In fact, a well-known FNC (Fox News Channel) and radio talk show star (not Bill O’Reilly) who when I contacted his radio show about guest appearance possibilities, sent me a message via his executive producer telling me sorry, they already have a black conservative woman…Star Parker.

Isn’t there room enough in this vast media landscape for at least TWO black female conservatives?

I guess Parker’s a popular go to gal because she delivers the crazy like Domino’s delivers pizza.

Okay, I’m moving on…And no, I don’t want cheese with my whine.

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