Quick Take: Why I Still Like My “Morning Joe”

Despite a couple of minor changes — Ashley is MIA and producer Chris Licht is often off-camera monitoring the emails — I still like my “Morning Joe”, former Congressman Joe Scarborough’s early morning gabfest.

Here are my personal highlights from last week’s show which was broadcast live from Los Angeles:

File Under:  You Must Be Smart Cause You Think Like Me

Recently, Scarborough made a comment about the now deceased — excused me deposed – The Price of Right host Bob Barker’s sign-off encouraging people to get their pets spade and neutered.

Not only do Joe and I share the same birthday but it seems — at least in this case — the same mind.  Like he noted, the sign-off was a perfectly good waste of airtime. Why not use the time to encourage people to read, vote, or to get off their portly butts and exercise?  No, instead Barker spent the time promoting domesticated animal birth control — a subject meaningful only to rabid (No, I don’t mean “avid.”) pet lovers.  Way to go Bob.

And Joe was once again on the money  regarding the Sunday, June 10, NY Times photo of William Murphy, an Indiana-based anti-immigration activist. Of all the people the paper could have selected, why did it choose a dentally-challenged, one-eyed man?  Like Scarborough, I believe that the New York Times’  East Coast elitist roots are showing.  On Sunday, June 17, the New York Times Public Editor tried to address the issue of photo selection.  The article featured the following quote from Michele McNally, assistant managing editor in charge of photography:

 “I think it’s discriminatory to say all toothless people who represent controversial positions shouldn’t be used.  This is a very big country that has a variety of styles and types.”

Once again, someone is trying to convince me that fat meat ain’t greasy.

Hey Michele, sometimes people need to be saved from their own foolish choices such as agreeing to have their photo taken when they are telegenically challenged.  

 Pink is the Color of My True Love 

I love me some Mayor Michael Bloomberg.   As a New York native,  I appreciate his intelligent and even-handed governing of NYC which has given the Big Apple back its shine.   I thoroughly agree with Mort Zuckerman of US News and World Report and the New York Daily News who said, last Friday, that Mayor Bloomberg is the “best public servant [he’s] ever encountered.”

And with the annoucement that Bloomberg is leaving the GOP to be IND,  it looks like Mayor Mike might be running for President in ’08.  

Yes, Virginia, there is a God.

Upon news of the switch last Wednesday, Scarborough had a time mocking my darling Mayor Mike, calling him “elfin” and deriding his fashion choices.  He even went so far as to question Bloomberg’s electability because Scarborough believes that “style trumps substance” in the minds of many voters.  Joe was on the money when he said that “rich guys” who run for president “are not beholden to anyone”.

Now that Mayor Mike is an independent, he can tell both parties (and Scarborough) to kiss his “elfin” pink sweater wearing a**.

President Bloomberg.  I love the sound it. 

Black Demagoguery:  America’s Newest Export?

John Ridley asked last week, “Where’s Jesse Jackson?”   It seems that Ridley is looking to pick a fight with the civil rights “leader” about his promise to pay the Duke Lacrosse Team accuser/stripper gal’s college tuition regardless of the outcome of the case.  And now that we know that she lied, Ridley asks if Jackson is still going to pay her tuition and if so, what kind of example does this set for young people?

Sorry Ridley, I’m not quite with you on this one.  I am less concerned with Jackson’s effort to take a stripper of the pole than I am with the announcement that he will be opening a Rainbow Push Coalition office in Great Britain. 

Yes, it’s true.  Jackson announced his plans on Saturday, June 16 during a live broadcast of his Rainbow Push Coalition Saturday Morning Forum.

Recent reports state that Jackson will visit Great Britain in August for a 7-day tour of the country to establish both a Rainbow Push Coalition and an Equanomics (“which focuses on racial justice via economic equality”) offices.   His goal?  To register Brits of color to vote.

Jesse has done little of substance for blacks in US.  So I fail to see how effective he will be in the UK.    He should devote more time to finding meaningful solutions to the gun violence that is killing teens in his native Chicago than to spending his organization’s resources on a costly and possibly futile excursion across the pond. 

Jackson’s brand of ignorance and demagoguery should not be an American export.   

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