Quick Take: Asians and Self-Identity…It’s Not Just Us

Recently, I came across an interesting article in Ad Age called, “Who is Asian? And why Should We Care?” which addresses some of challenges/issues that are being talked about in the the series, Exploring the New “Black” 

The author states that there never seems to be an agreement among marketers, and really among “Asians” themselves, who is Asian. 

Just like their counterparts in the African Disapora, people of the Asian Disapora self-identify in numerous ways using such categories as “Asian Pacific Islander”,  Asian-American” and “Asian Pacific American”.   And “Latinos of Asian heritage often self-describe as Mexicano, Peruano, Cubano or even Chino (Chinese in Spanish).”

For more on this issue, check out the article by Bill Imada.

Really, it’s no surprise to me that it’s not just us. 

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