Dueling Ballers Go To Court: Ain’t Nobody’s B**ch

In spite of what Isiah Thomas, co-defendent in the Madison Square Garden/New York Knicks sexual harassment case said in his deposition, calling a woman a b**ch is not a black thing.   

….And it’s not a rap thing either.   Rappers did not create this enviornment of disrespect but, of course, they have helped to exacerbate an already nasty situation.

Excuse me while I scream into my pillow…..

….That feels better…

Am I supposed to feel good that Isiah, and those of his ilk, would defend my “honor” against a white man who would dare to utter the word but would demean me using that same word? 

Sorry, my brothers.  I’m not feeling that. 

I am nobody’s b**ch.   Call me out of my name and you will get your a**  handed to you.   Oh, I’m not going to scream and shout thus giving you the satisfaction of calling me “an angry black b**ch”  on top of it.  No, using my sharp wit and even sharper mind,  I will calmly inform you that I do not answer to such.  

No drama.  Save that for your mama.

Oh, by the way, is it okay to call HER a b**ch?


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