More Obama Drama: Jesse Gettin’ Messy

Poor Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barak Obama.  Just when he thought people were starting to pay attention to his stands on policy, both foreign and domestic, instead of his race, Jesse Jackson, whose very “profession”, so it seems, is fueled by racial divisiveness once again puts the race card in play.

Oh yes, dear Jesse.  According to the Associated Press and as reported by (Columbia) State Newspaper,  Jackson was quoted as saying that Obama was “acting like he was white.”   Jackson was reported to have made this statement following his speech at Benedict College in South Carolina, a HBCU (a historically black college/university). The remark was in reference to Obama’s perceived tepid response to the schoolyard brawl in Jena, Louisiana that landed six black teens, now know as the Jena 6, in jail on serious charges.

“‘If I were a candidate, I’d be all over Jena,’ Jackson said in his remarks after the speech, according to the published account.”

It seems that now the heat is on, Jackson is backpedaling, stating that he did not “remember” making the remark.  That’s Jesse for ya.

Thousands are converging today on the small Louisana town to protest what they believe is a miscarriage of justice.  I haven’t thought much about the Jena 6. It wasn’t until a week ago that I learned the details of the dispute.  Yes, there seems like inequitable treatment, which has definite racial undertones, has taken place. With that said, it always seems that black civil rights leaders are quick to defend the no-so-judicious behavior of black men and boys but are wont to take a stand for the rights of black women– that is unless the offender is white.  

Why isn’t Jesse or his cohort Al Sharpton saying anything about or to Isiah Thomas regarding the  statement  he made in a videotaped deposition practically condoning the calling of black women b**ches by black males.   Thomas, like Al Sharpton in the recent past, would defend the honor of a black woman if a white man called her the b-word.

Someday, blacks male “leaders” will learn that their silence speaks volumes.  

My civil rights marching brothers, in a nation where many a black boy and girl are raised by single black mothers, your dismissiveness of the conditions that black women face at the hands of black men has and will have dire consequences for “the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.”

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