Jason Whitlock Makes Sense – Who knew?

He looks like Jabba the Hutt and talks like a pre-civil rights governor.   Every time I see or hear Kansas City Star sports columnist Jason Whitlock I wince.   His racially-loaded diatribes on the happenings of the day reflect a man who is in touch with his own self-loathing.   It’s as if he is shouting, “I hate those n**gers too but alas, I am one.”

So when I received a link to his most recent column (“Lessons from Jena, La.) about the Jena 6, I was expecting the usual vitriol.  But what I got instead was a thoughtful piece which reflected some of my concerns/views about the controversy.

Here is some of what Whitlock had to say about Mychal Bell, the still-incarcerated Jena 6 defendant:

“It’s almost never mentioned that Bell’s absentee father returned from Dallas and re-entered his son’s life only after Bell faced attempted-murder charges. At a bond hearing in August, Bell’s father and a parade of local ministers promised a judge that they would supervise Bell if he was released from prison.

Where were the promises and supervision before any of this?”

And this…

“We don’t practice preventive medicine. Mychal Bell needed us long before he was cuffed and jailed. Here is another undeniable, statistical fact: The best way for a black (or white) father to ensure that his son doesn’t fall victim to a racist prosecutor is by participating in his son’s life on a daily basis.”

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