Quick Take: Those Wonderful Northerners

This will be short and sweet.  Too much has been made of this already.  

So radio and television talk show host Bill O’Reilly made what could be construed as racist comments about blacks dining at the famed Harlem restaurant, Sylvia’s.   What else is knew?   

O’Reilly is not the only person who would express, albeit privately, that blacks are actually civilized — “just like us” as they would say.

He is yet another person from the Great North, with all its false sense of superiority on matters of a race and class, that has shown that he lives in a segregated white washed world.   

Ask anyone of color who has lived both in the South and in the North,  most will agree that living in the South, in many ways, is far better.  Tired and disillusioned, many a black person has left Northern cities to resettle in the land of their ancestors.   I wrote a story about it a while back and the numbers bear it out.

As for me, I lived in the South — Montgomery, Alabama to be exact — for nearly six years.  I found the people to be friendly and forthright.   Never did a see a noose hanging from a tree or a cross burning on a front lawn.  Never was a racial epithet screamed from a moving car…

…which has happened to me in Bergen County, NJ and Evanston, IL (Home of my alma mater Northwestern.  Yeah, those were fun times.) and Marina del Rey, CA.

Suprised.   Don’t be.

One thought on “Quick Take: Those Wonderful Northerners

  1. Great piece!

    Honestly, I do not know why people would think of the NorthE. as some interracial haven or a kumbayaa rah rah rainbow paradise… Tee hee– It is soooooo not that… 🙂

    Bill O’Reilly’s remark was relatively benign tho– but who knows, it might be an index of the extent of his ignorance about the BC.
    The Bill O’Reilly’s of this world are a PART(I know there are many other reasons)of the reason why we have/need Affirmative Action policies and programs. Hmmm maybe Good Ol’ Bill really thinks BP are aliens who usually eat “Zvrtadmazz jinze harzziompa food”<< BTW that was a made up alien name–0|0 HAHA 🙂


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