Guilty Pleasure: Meet My New Family – The Gosselins

Imagine being the member of a family that included a set of twins and sextuplets all under the age of 8.  It was just enough for me to deal with one sister six years my junior. 

But despite my nerves — they get real bad sometimes — I believe I would just love to be a part of the Gosselin family, the stars of the TLC show, Jon and Kate plus 8.   (Check listings for times and days) 

The antics of the three-year-old sextuplets (three boys and three girls) and twin seven-year-olds girls (both sets of multiples products of infertility treatments) make for delightful viewing.  The Gosselins remind me of a real family not often found on television.  Kate and Jon don’t hide their frustrations with one another or the children who you can imagine can be a handful.  Thanks, I believe, in part to their faith (nondenominational christian), they never let any situation get the best of them.  The Gosselins truly count it all joy.   

I think this is at least the second full season of the show which began as a special on mutliple births on the Discovery Health Channel.

This season, the children are older and the individual personalities of the sextuplets are beginning to form. Some children are more clingy. Others are more bossy and stubborn.   One starts crying and the others get in on the “fun.”  

In this week’s episode, a trip to a local amusement park is more than an adventure.  One of the twins, Maddy, is going through something and doesn’t want to go on the rides.   And one of the sextuplet boys,  the “stubborn” one, sits in the middle of a slide refusing to move causing a several kid pile-up.  In spite of it all, the Gosselin brood still manages to have fun riding on the kiddie train and “milking” the faux cow.

I was shocked to find out how old, or rather young, Jon and Kate are.  According to Wikipedia, (okay, not the most reliable of sources), Jon is 30 and Kate is 32.  Let’s see what was I doing at 30?   Oh yeah, I was still young and single and loving to mingle.  I was doing my thing in lovely Southern California.  And at 32?  Still in SoCal, I was “babying” the most important person in my life…me.  The thought of having one child, let alone eight, never crossed my mind.  I was going to be a star. 

If I knew that having eight children would get me my own show, I might have considered it.


I’d just rather watch someone else do the heavy lifting of child rearing and be thankful for parents, like the Gosselins, who are willing to make the sacrifice and do so with grace and dignity.

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3 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure: Meet My New Family – The Gosselins

  1. John and Kate, ARE GREAT! They both LOVE their most precious children, a gift from the LORD on high! and both their very loviing, affirming(!) personalities will nurture much strength and love and very confidence into each child. Every time I watch, I just over flow with exuberant joy and happiness and find myself literally reaching out in a make believe hug and squeezes to those prescious children. I only wish I had been there to help Jon with their move! It is most evident, that Christ makes a most apparent difference in their lives. What a family!! GOSH!
    Kate, be tahnkful for Jon being, who he is, as impatience really hurts children, so count it a blessing, and let him grow in his time and way and…”love one another” with the love with which you are both loved of Christ. What a wonderful illustration of the glorious goodness of God! “Press on Jon and Kate!”

  2. I love Jon & Kate. They both love their 8 kids like crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 Jon is wonderful to the kids when Kate isn’t around! Kate is also great with the kids. Their kids is what makes me watch the show. It’s amazing to see 2 adults taking care of 8 kids.

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