Quick Take: Where Life is Not a Sprint

Sometimes I spend too much time in a cave of my own design.  Too much work.  Too few hours in the day.  When I do emerge to feel the sunlight and/or the cool breeze on my face, I discover that there is life out there…being fully lived. 

Last year,  I emerged to discover that the ING New York City Marathon was passing through my backyard, a block from the church I attend.  Had not the presiding priest made mention of the event during that Sunday’s service, I would have not known about its proximity to the church and would have returned to my cave that day.

Instead, up for an adventure, I walked over to the location and  stood in the cold with my fellow New Yorkers to cheer on strangers — some in wheelchairs, others upright, some slow, others swift — who moved forward with one goal in mind:  to do their personal best.

For some, it meant winning the race.  For others,  it meant beating a pre-established time.  And still others, it meant finishing– time be damned. 

As I stood there, I was in awe of their dogged determination and their willingness to move past whatever physical or even psychological limitations to run the race — to run their race.  

I returned to my cave feeling a sense of quiet discomfort at not having fully committed to run my race.

Tomorrow, I will return to that same place to watch the New York City Marathon and to cheer on the winners — every last one of them. 

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