Prosperity Preachers Giving Thanks for the Small Things

This Thanksgiving holiday, at least six of America’s most infamous famous prosperity preachers will have something to be thankful for…that they still have their tax exempt status which could be revoked if it’s discovered that they have used church money for less godly items…like plastic surgery.

For the uniformed, “prosperity preachers” ascribe to the belief that the more that you give them the church, the more you will receive in the form of money, cars and fancy homes. The ministries’ claim odds better than Vegas.

In early November, Senator Grassley (R-Iowa) served notice to six of these ministries, including Bishop Eddie Long’s New Birth Missionary Baptist Church and controversial faith healer Benny Hinn’s World Healing Center, requesting that they provide, by December 6, documentation for questionable expenditures.

Oh Lord, what is they to do? “The Lord provideth” will not work as a defense. And passing around the collection plate just one more time is what got them in trouble in the first place.

Well recently, I shared my thoughts about the unholy mess and my take on giving, receiving and the goodness of God with the readers of Blogcritics.

Want to read more about the Grassely Six, check out my article:”Amen to Senator Grassley Serving Notice to Prosperity Preachers”

And now let’s bow our heads and pray for their deliverance from foolishness and greed.

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