Michelle Obama Dares to Address Black Inferiority Complex

You would have thought that she had taken the last piece of chicken at the barbecue or had stepped on someone’s bad toe from the reaction that Michelle Obama, wife of Democratic Presidential candidate, Senator Barack Obama, received after having made some remarks about the well known, seldom discussed black inferiority complex.

Her remarks, which were made during a recent MSNBC interview, elicited, many an, “Oh no she didn’t” from members of the black middle and upper classes.

I agree with Michelle Obama’s contention that many blacks fear that they aren’t good enough and feel that whites possess some supernatural advantage. These brethren give up before they begin or reach for the lower rungs of the ladder because they are plagued by the belief that “they (read: the white man) won’t give a n**ger a chance.”

This mental health challenge (yes, I said it.) does more to keep blacks from reaching farther, climbing higher, than institutional racism ever could.

For more about the Michelle Obama interview, “the fear” and my thoughts on the whole mess, check out my Blogcritics article, “Michelle Obama’s Truth May Set Us Free”.

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5 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Dares to Address Black Inferiority Complex

  1. If the blacks in America have an inate inferiority complex – the whites have seeded it, and, unknowingly, continue to nurture it to the shame of the white community. Ask yourself, Mr. Congressman, Mr. Senator, Mr. Finacier, Mr. Greedy CEO, what have you done lately to encourage black participation in our society, beyond providing welfare payments?

  2. True, Leta – but studies show that many Blacks are shifting away from the blaming of others, which is a fine thing. It’s a shame Mrs. Obama isn’t supporting that attitude.

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