Pass the Salt and Hold the Regulations

Did you know that excessive sodium intake is bad for your health? And that we Americans consume twice the recommended amount each day the result of which may lead to high blood pressure and heart disease?

Who knew?

Any person that hasn’t been in an irreversible in the past 10 years.

The American Medical Association is concerned about our sodium intake and they want the federal government to do something about it. The Food and Drug Administration has heard their cry and has begun hearings to consider “replacing voluntary guidelines with mandatory regulations.”

Enough already.

I don’t want government in my bedroom and I damn sure don’t want it in my kitchen unless it’s going to cook and do the dishes.

What will it take for the American public to get off of its fat ass and take its health and well being seriously? Not another government regulation that is for sure.

We have the all the information we need to make informed choices. Even McDonald’s provides porkers…I mean consumers…with wonderful tidbits about their products. Not that anyone really wants to know how many fat grams are in an order of large fries.

So in the words of the great irrepressible curmudgeon, comedian Bill (When was the last time you remember him making you laugh?) Cosby, “Wake Up People”.

In an effort to be part of the solution, I am going offer this former fatty’s recipe for achieving and maintaining my slightly undersize (okay skinny) figure.

Live slightly below your means.

As someone who is always trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents, an extra piece of cheese on my homemade turkey and cheese on a bagel is a luxury. With that said, of course, dining out is out of the question. I have to walk everywhere because I can’t afford expensive New York City cabs. So on any given day, I am lugging at least 10 lbs of groceries up and down subway stairs and for several blocks.

I don’t belong to a fancy gym with weight machines and hard body instructors. Nope. I have a couple of 5 lb. hand weights and a cheap yoga mat. A few bicep curls, tricep presses, at least three times a week has transformed my arms from a couple of flabby chicken wing-like appendages into a vision of moderately buff imperfection. My legs are firm and slender. And my ass…I have enough to fill out a pair of pants but not too much to mandate that a “Wide Load” sign be hung across it.

Note: No government intervention was required, just the desire to live a full, healthy and long life.

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