Tickling My Funny Bone at “A Hot Mess”

I find very few things or people laugh out loud funny. I may crack a half-smile at some amusing quip but most of the time, I am left stone faced at even the most earnest comic routine or situation comedy episode.

As a result, I have all but abandoned sitcoms and the usual Comedy Central stand up fare. But I need to have a good laugh — a real good laugh that makes my eyes water, and my stomach cramp as if I just did 500 sit-ups.

After searching far and wide for the ultimate funny, I found it online — and no not on YouTube. I am getting my funny fix at A Hot Mess. I very briefly mentioned this site in a previous post but I felt I needed to give A Hot Mess its proper due.

A Hot Mess talks about celebrities but it’s not really a “gossip” site where all you read about is the unclothed crotches of the latest drunken celebutant. Yes, it features the latest music videos from familiar and not so familiar stars of the pop, hip and R&B worlds as well as the latest comings and goings of mainly black celebrities. But it’s more, so much more because it delivers the funny like Domino’s delivers pizza.

It’s where you find a picture of “overstuffed” Aretha Franklin, looking like….a hot mess…wearing strapless dress that looks like your grandma’s curtains, makeup that seems to have been applied by Stevie Wonder, and a red wig that doesn’t fit on her Barry Bonds-sized head.

And the poster writes this about Ms. Aretha who has been named “Mess of the Moment, All Star Edition”:

“And her makeup? MOULIN ROUGE! Who forgot to tell me Ronald McDonald was coming out with a new line of blush?”

And the comments are just as funny as the posts:

“I bet Aretha sweats spicy barbeque sauce.” And this one in reference to the fur coat she is wearing: “There was nothing short of a bovine genocide to produce that coat.”

So, if you want to get your funny on, check out the hot messes and others on A Hot Mess blog.

Excuse me, I need to get an ice pack and take a couple of Tylenols; my stomach is killing me. I love it when laughter hurts so good.

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