Sherri Shepherd Spoke and Jesus Wept

If anyone needs Jesus, it’s sister Sherri Shepherd, co-host of the ABC daytime gabfest, The View. From the moment she arrived on the show, she has been the subject of ridicule for her bizarre views on everything from geography to most recently, Greek civilization.

Yes, Ms. Sherri was the one who admitted that she wasn’t quite sure if the world was flat or round, said that she would stop appearing in various states of undress around her son once he reached the age of eight and admitted to hitting him, now a toddler, playfully about the face with her gianormous gravity-affected breasts.

And she is the same one who just earlier this week that she didn’t “think anything predated Christians.”

I watch The View every day, primarily for the “Hot Topics” segment where the women give their take on the issues of the day. I hold my breath every time Shepherd opens her mouth to speak. Co-host and moderator, comedian Whoopi Goldberg, tries to save Shepherd from herself by asking for clarification but to no avail; Shepherd always manages to fall in it, head first, creating yet another YouTube moment.

Today, guest co-host, Melina Kanakarides, star of the drama CSI-NY, mentioned that her son’s pre-school had a dress up corner and that one of the boys likes to dress in the available princess costume.

Oh, no, Ms. Sheri would have none of that.

Shepherd, in her best fried chicken grease, neck rolling and eye popping voice, declared that her son would not be allowed to dress in women’s/girl’s clothes while living under her roof. She would make it very clear that boys don’t wear such things.

And what if your son turns out to be gay, the other co-hosts asked? She’d love him (note: not “accept” him) but once again made it very clear that nothing remotely resembling homosexual activity would take place “under her roof”.

I pray that her son does not turn out to be gay. That’s all we need — another brother on the down low because he fears rejection from the people he loves most.

Normally, I don’t take things personally but sometimes I can’t help but to feel that Shepherd ‘s statements reflect poorly on black women and Christians. Thank God Whoopi is present to provide some balance.

I wish Shepherd would spend some of her time and money on properly educating herself. But I don’t hold out much hope.

I guess I will have to place her in God’s hands and pray for divine intervention.

One thought on “Sherri Shepherd Spoke and Jesus Wept

  1. Just came across this and agree whole-heartedly – can’t wait to hear what comes out of her mouth during hot topics!
    BTW those gravity-defying breasts of hers need to be reduced – a lot.

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