Striking a Pose at the “Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency”

You’re not going to believe this one. I am a J.D. fan. No, I am not talking about Jermaine Dupri, the elfin music producer and love interest of Janet Jackson but Janice Dickinson, the self-described “first supermodel”.

Now shut your mouth before a fly gets in it.

Yes, she is the other side of crazy and as loud and obnoxious as the day when I was first saw her on the reality television show, America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) where as a judge she helped to decide the fate of many an aspiring model wannabe — that is until she was summarily dismissed.

It was a open secret that Dickinson disagreed with Lady T(yra)’s selection of models for the ultimate prize thinking aloud that they were too old, too fat, too short, and just down right unsuited to make it in the industry.

Let’s face it; Dickinson was so very right. Can you name one ANTM winner or even contestant who has a lucrative and/or prolific modeling career? Think hard. I’ ll give you a few moments. Couldn’t come up with one, could you?

And Dickinson didn’t unleash her viperous tongue on just the wannabe models. Oh she’s had more than a few words to say about Lady T’s ever increasing waist and hips. The Divine Miss J(anet) has even called Tyra “fat”, most recently during a Today show interview. Damn, girl had to go there. But the truth is that Lady T’s expanding measurements can be seen from space.

Since you can’t keep a good broad down, especially one that has the build of of greyhound and the spirit of a rottweiler, Dickinson rose from her self-produced hot mess like a phoenix from the ashes. Armed with a new face and perhaps other accessories, she set about taking on the modeling world as the head of her own self-titled agency and the star of an accompanying reality television show now in its second season on Oxygen (Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m EST).

The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, under the twisted guidance of its fearless leader who hasn’t met a person she couldn’t humiliate, is, if you believe Dickinson, poised to become a true player in the world of fashion. Not satisfied to sit idly by and wait for her close-up, she has, so far this season, held two open casting sessions to find fresh new marketable faces and has started a Latino division.

What does it take to model for JD? A strong interesting look. I’d like to say kudos to Dickinson for hiring models of varying races and ethnicities, if not sizes. If baby’s got back, she/he can back that fat a**s right out the front door.

Mother doesn’t play.

On a recent episode, Dickinson openly criticized one of her model’s — a holdover from last season — apparent weight gain. JD called her”fat”, derided her abs and her a**s as she pinched and poked at the extra adipose. The young woman told Dickinson that she liked her body and wasn’t willing to starve herself in order to achieve the desired figure. In a final power move, JD took off her size 4 skirt and handed it to the young woman, telling her that if it fits, she, Dickinson, would eat her words (which judging from JD’s ultra-thin frame might be the first hearty meal she’s had in a long time.)

Well, the young woman tried to squeeze into the skirt, writhing and pulling all the while. Just as she was about to zip up the skirt with the aid of one of Dickinson’s assistants, the show cuts to scenes from an upcoming episode.

What a cliffhanger!

Although Dickinson can be a tender as an overcooked steak, she does possess a softer, more maternal side. At one of the open calls, she tells a 14-year-old model and her mom that she is far too young for the cutthroat industry. She tells the tearful teen that she must return home and finish high school. Dickinson did the same thing last season sending a beautiful Caribbean teen home to complete her education. The girl did as she was told and upon her return this season was immediately signed by the agency.

For all of her apparent negatives, Dickinson is a fighter who is all about business and survival. And this grown a**s woman has a tender spot for tough broads who are unafraid to unleash the beast in order to get the job done.

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8 thoughts on “Striking a Pose at the “Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency”

  1. I find the JD Modeling Agency show equally intriguing. I’m not sure why, exactly. Yes, she is an out-spoken, piece-of-her-mind-kind-of-fal, but that’s probably very much what the fashion industry is.

    I think I’m intrigued because, after many years in Hollywood as a screenwriter (and observer of the Industry), I see that Janet really cuts to the chase. Her denunciations and annoitments are very typical of what goes on in Hollywood. Her show is, at least for me, one big analogy to life. We’re all commodities, one way or another. We all have our price. We all have wants, dreams, and will go so far to get there. And we all have our limits. Well, maybe some do. I like the peek at this raw slice of fashion life behind-the-curtain.

  2. I LOVE the Janet Dickenson show! You learn alot by listening and watching. I appreciate her stand on alcohol and drugs. That takes backbone. I like her open honesty and directness. She’s working with kids just out of high school and alot of testoterone! Alot of parents don’t spend time trying to be close to their children, so she really has her hands and life full. My best to her!

  3. I typed a real nice reply on behalf of Janet and it was erased twice. I’ll get back again later. You go girl. Love your show and stand against alcohol and drugs. These are babes out of highschool that need to learn to be professional, not party.

  4. Janice Dickenson is right to take the attitude and set a standard regarding model behaviour, I have worked with several models in Europe and found the attitude once they leave the U,K they leave there standards behind,
    The attitude of the model also effects the company reputation as all the models i work with are 18 and over but some just act like a 14 year old with a dont care attitude,
    Janice Dickenson uses common sense with good attitude to match,


  5. hey what up this is your bigest fani was wondering uf you can help me otin the modeling buss..i really love it. i watchamerican next top model ever im yo was on it and i still do. modeling is my first passion and am looking up to you hopein ywod help me i hope you can get back at me.. but since your a big star you prob. want but im hopeing you will gt back with me i relly do. remmber i love ya and am hopeing you will take me serious.. because i am

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