Eyewitness to History: Barack Obama Wins in Iowa

I got home just in time to witness history in the making. Democratic presidential candidate, Senator Barack Obama, the guy with the big ears, funny name and exotic pedigree, became the first African American to win in the Iowa caucuses. “You have done what the cynics said we couldn’t do,” said Obama during his speech following the victory where he spoke eloquently and passionately and looked wonderfully presidential.

With a decisive win over Senators John Edwards and Hillary Clinton, who took second and third places respectively, he proved that America is ready for the change his campaign, which attracted a broad coalition of young people, independents and even republicans, has called for. “We are not Red States or Blue States but the United States of America…We are one nation, one people and our time for change has come.” CNN contributor and Chicago resident Roland Martin said it best when he described the crowd in attendance for the speech, “What you saw behind Obama is the true rainbow coalition,” — a reference to the Jesse Jackson organization of the same name.

A door has been opened. A threshold has been crossed. Is America witnessing the dawn of a new era?

One thought on “Eyewitness to History: Barack Obama Wins in Iowa

  1. I could feel the power of change as I listened to Barack Obama the night he won the Iowa caucuses. I have witnessed many historic
    events this one was special. It does not matter any more what political party we belong to it is our responsibility to participate in the evolution of this nation. No more excuses Obama has laid down the gauntlet.

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