Hillary Don’t You Weep and Obama Don’t You Mourn

Oh yes, the beyotch is back — teeth barred and snapping at anyone who gets in her way. And you thought she would make such a nice pet. That will teach you to never trust a rottweiler, especially one named, Hillary.

You thought she was beginning to reveal a much kinder, gentler and truer side — the shedding of tears being evidence of such. And you felt sorry for her thinking she had been unfairly attacked by the two greyhounds, Obama and Edwards, and by the pack of wolves known as the mainstream media. You thought someone should take her home and give her what she needs and that someone was going to be you.

Then you extended your hand to pet her and, in a not-to-surprising turn, she bit it.

Yes, Hillary”Rottweiler” Clinton, is back and badder than ever. With the racially charged comments spoken by her and her emissaries, which were clearly meant to take Obama off message — or put him “on” one one he was clearly trying to avoid –she made it known that no mutherlooker is going to stop her and her man from reoccupying the White House.

And before I go any further, who decided that Robert Johnson, billionaire and founder of the cable channel BET (whose tag line could be: “Bringing black entertainment to new depths”), is a leader and revered voice of the black community? Oh yeah, it was the clueless mainstream media who always seem to think, “You’re black. He’s black and “prominent”. He must be your leader. No, I don’t want to hear from you. Take me to your leader.” Please stop this madness before my head explodes. What also nearly made my head explode was, in a speech praising the Clinton’s commitment to civil rights, Brother Johnson’s off-handed, not so veiled reference to Obama’s past drug use. This is not the first time someone in Hillary’s camp has made mention of Obama’s youthful indiscretion. I do believe I smell a set up and it stinks.

Back to Hillary…

When it looked like all her snarling and biting was surely going to get her sent back to the pound, Hillary starting backing off. We’ll see how long this lasts. You know I’m going to go there, so don’t whine or sigh when I do. You just can’t teach an old dog — especially a low down one — new tricks.

And if you are thinking that I am anti-woman or pro-Obama, you got me all wrong. I love any broad that can hold her own in a fight and/or who is not afraid to take that fight to the “enemy”. What I deplore is someone who operates in a deceitful (a.k.a sneaky) manner. If you’re going to hit me with a lead pipe, look me in the eye when you do it.

And Obama…Please do not feel any compulsion to try to beat Hillary at her own game. You have neither the bark nor the bite. But if she decides to resume her rabid ways, you may not have to worry about her for she will manage to do the what was thought nearly impossible — put herself down.

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