Once More on the View from Inside Sherri Shepherd’s Head

We are not even a month into the new year and Sherri Shepherd, co-host of the ABC gabfest, “The View”, is at it again. She’s had trouble figuring out if the world is round or flat. Timelines also seem to be a challenge for the woman who also didn’t want to beat her irritable, developmentally delayed child in front of white folks in a fancy toy store implying that beating one’s children in public is totally acceptable in a store patronized by black and brown families. Tell that to the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) who would be more than happy to take that cranky little boy off your hands — permanently.

Now she seems to have problems with her colors, as they say in nursery school. Perhaps, sending her back to nursery school would be the answer. This week, Shepherd said that gospel legend Shirley Caesar “is like the black Patti LaBelle.” What?! Fellow co-host, comedian Whoopi Goldberg had to inform her that the R&B songstress,”Patti LaBelle is black.”

Today, Shepherd admitted that she tends to “blurt out things” that, in her very large head, make absolute sense. Goldberg advised her “to stop and think first” before speaking. This assuming that she capable of thinking at all. More than Shepherd’s ludicrous statements, I was especially troubled today by co-host, Joy Behar’s remark: “We don’t want you (Shepherd) to change that. It’s funny.” So, Shepherd is there to add a little black buffoonery to the show — something to counterbalance Goldberg’s measured, witty intelligence?

I am spent. It looks like I need to permanently change my view of and from “The View”.

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