Preach Sister Maureen Dowd Preach

I told you. I told you. I told you. Do not be deceived. Hillary Clinton is a back and badder than ever. And this time, she has her capo, her main henchman (who doubles a her husband) by her side , or rather out in front, to do her dirty work aggressive campaigning.

During this Monday’s debate on CNN in South Carolina, Barack Obama proved that he was no punk; he knew what was going down. He was being double teamed and he didn’t like it. “I can’t tell who I am running against sometimes,” he said sharply

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd got it right in her column, “Two Against One”:

“The Clintons — or ‘the 2-headed monster,’ as the The New York Post dubbed the tag team that clawed out wins in New Hampshire and Nevada — always go where they need to go, no matter the collateral damage. Even if the damage is to themselves and their party… It’s odd that the first woman with a shot at becoming president is so openly dependent on her husband to drag her over the finish line.”

I am not quite sure this clearly co-dependent retro behavior is what the old school feminists had in mind when they dreamed of having one of their own ascend to the highest office in the land. It’s the 1950s all over again. So much for change.

To check out the rest of Dowd’s column, click here.


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