Bishop Weeks Pleads Guilty to Juanita Bynum Assault. Reconcilation in the Works?

I have enough. In fact, I have had more than enough. Last month, televangelist Juanita Bynum, through a her publicist, declared that she was not in the process of reconciling with her physically abusive husband, Bishop Thomas Weeks III. On Tuesday, March 11, the Associated Press reported that Weeks plead guilty to assaulting Bynum and received three years probation. Sounds okay to me. But wait, there’s more. This is from the Associated Press story:

“Thomas W. Weeks III, a minister known to his followers as Bishop Weeks, turned after his sentencing to address Bynum, who sat in the second row of the Fulton County courtroom gallery.

‘I want to apologize to my wife for all she’s had to go through,’ he said.

Bynum nodded in response and quietly thanked him. The two later walked out of the courthouse together.

‘They are in communication and working on their relationship and the status of their marriage,’ said Ed Garland, Weeks’ attorney in the criminal case.”

What a difference a day (and the potential loss of income) can make. Bynum, who at the behest of Weeks’ grandfather did not ask prosecutors to pursue jail time for her estranged husband, had this to say:

“When I saw him (in Weeks’ divorce lawyer’s office on Monday), it allowed me to reflect on the first time we got married,” Bynum said. “I thought about the time wasted and the time lost, and I said, `This has got to stop.'”

You are damn right, Juanita.

One thought on “Bishop Weeks Pleads Guilty to Juanita Bynum Assault. Reconcilation in the Works?

  1. i would like to say i have been trobled since i heard of this issue. but hearing about reconciliation is like answered prayers. pls those who are married should learn from this. we can allow the devil in just by not motifying our members. lets be death to sin and remember marriage and the family is God’s corporate organization set apart for his glory

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