Shock Jock Wendy Williams Feeling the Heat from Sexual Harassment Complaint (Update #2 Included)

File this one under: “Karma is a beyotch”. WBLS-FM New York shock jock and the self-proclaimed “Queen of All Media” Wendy Williams, along with her husband/manager, Kevin Hunter have been named in a sexual harassment complaint filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) by former “Wendy Williams Experience” talent booker, Nicole Spence. In her graphically detailed complaint in which she accuses Hunter of openly propositioning her using the f-word and of Williams asking her to “dress like a sexy little “b**ch” allegedly to please Williams’ husband, Spence also accuses the black-owned Inner City Broadcasting, parent company of WBLS, of retaliation and of allowing, if not creating, a hostile work environment.

Hunter is not an employee of the station nor its parent company Inner City Broadcasting.

When asked by the New York Post about the charges, Williams stated, “Her allegations are totally false. This bitch [Spence] is out of her mind.”

I used to be a listener of the “Wendy Williams Experience”. I found Williams’ brand of over-the-top nonsense — gossip served with an unhealthy dose of vitriol — somewhat amusing — a diversion of the worst kind. At times, I found myself screaming at the radio angry about her lack of professionalism, especially her treatment of the show’s unpaid interns, many working for school credit and much desired real world experience, who she allowed to be called “donkeys” by her co-host, Charlamagne tha God. (Full disclosure: I had a student who was an intern for Williams’ show. You thought this poor soul was a participant in the witness protection program. Although she gave few details about her experience with Williams, what she didn’t say, spoke volumes.).

Despite, her reprehensible behavior, for some reason, I still listened and continued to scream screams that only I could hear. I screamed when Williams’ allowed her clearly inebriated husband to speak on the air where he exhibited the self-styled angry rants of a want-to-be thug.

And I still listened when Williams, in clear violation of all things ethical and perhaps a law or two, revealed the cancer diagnosis of the wife of rapper Method Man. His wife, who was currently undergoing chemotherapy, had yet to inform her family of her condition.

But sometimes enough is enough and too much is too much.

The last straw for me happened during the holiday season over a year ago when Williams was asked by a fan to tell the fan’s 12-year-old daughter that there was no Santa Claus. Williams gleefully obliged calling the little girl, also a fan of the show, to tell her. (I know what parent in their right mind would allow his/her child to listen to such a broadcast?) Williams approach was heavy-handed and mean spirited. By the end of the conversation, the child was crying completely humiliated by the experience.

I could go on and on about Williams but my hands aren’t clean either. Why did I continue to listen to this woman. Why did I continue to be part of the problem — encouraging her brand of base public (and now possibly private) behavior? Right now, I can’t begin to tell you. But I do feel a deep sense of shame about my own actions or lack thereof.

And about Spence’s complaint. I believe her 100 percent and support her efforts to get justice and vindication not only for herself but for all those who came before her and who were too afraid to speak out.

And to Spence, I offer my deepest apologies for not doing what I could to make your work environment better by turning off the radio sooner and filing a complaint of my own.


According to the New York Daily News, other WBLS employees are coming forward thus giving credence to Spence’s accusations.

“Since we filed the complaint to support Nicole’s claims,” said Karen Webber, a partner in the prestigious law firm Thompson, Wigdor & Gilly, which is preparing a federal lawsuit on Spence’s behalf. “They say he often called women bitches and used alcohol, and they describe his violent outbursts against Ms. Williams.” Other women say they were victimized as well.”

Click here to read the entire article.

Update #2…And there is more….

On Wednesday, June 11, Nicole Spencer filed a sexual harassment lawsuit in federal court naming Williams, Hunter and Inner City Broadcasting as defendants.  Spence, who is seeking $5 million in damages and who continues to work for the station, also alleges that Hunter tried to orchestrate a hit on New York DJ Tarsha Jones, a.k.a Miss Jones of the popular morning drive show on Hot 97 because, he believed, Jones made disparaging remarks about Williams.

For more on the mess and the madness, click here...and here.

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11 thoughts on “Shock Jock Wendy Williams Feeling the Heat from Sexual Harassment Complaint (Update #2 Included)

  1. I respect your statements. I did get a shock when I heard that “There is no Santa Claus” –but I did not know about the medical cancer issue either. I work alot of hours so I usually listen at the bonus hour.
    As a woman of color…I do not like to think of a woman of power and of color abusing her power. I would hope that the Interns, and the college students that Ms. Williams has been mentoring are actually getting somewhere.
    I just wrote a blog on what Ms. Jones on Hot 97 stated on March 25, and worse on March 26. Ms. Jones said for Wendy Williams “go back on drugs!” –so you can cope…go back on drugs….My blog was about that inappropriate statement.
    Wendy is a shock jock…but shocking —just LIKE DON IMUS who I have also blogged about….can go too far.
    —–I want to hear both sides of the issue —-Look, Don Imus is back on the radio doing his thing again…..I never listen to him….does America of the Media care? NO! Because they have so many other people running like sheep to the slaughter!
    So you continue to write about the wrongs in media…and please continue to educate also. I do not agree with maltreating any employees….Thanks for the information.

  2. That Santa Claus number was hilarious!!! Look, the mother called into the show and asked Wendy Williams to break the news to her daugther, since SHE apparently couldn’t. Why aren’t you mad at the mother?!?!?!

    In any event, after a few moments, the daughter seemed to be fine. The little girl’s better off knowing there is no santa claus. which was the point of the phone call.

    –The Wow Jones Report

  3. Urban Radio is a constant contest for attention. Some are better at it than others. Look at Miss Jones’ pathetic ploys for attention. Too bad I didn’t hear it. I’m too busy listening to The Star And BucWild Show In the Morning. Much better radio.

    –The Wow Jones Report

  4. If it makes you feel better, I have heard that some of those callers are total actors. Wendy doesn’t know it when she’s speaking with them but people call up playing all kinds of games just to be talked about later on the Wendy Williams experience. I would not doubt that the SO CALLED 12-year old was probably 18-years old and a college student and the SO CALLED mother was also a college student. Some of that stuff is permitted because it results in ratings. Wendy could care less if they are acting – as long as people are talking about her show!!

  5. I did not like the Santa Claus “number”—-I was never told there was no Santa….I figured things out. Sometimes parents forget what it was like to be a kid. With so many adult issues hitting our kids between the eye balls like sexual disfunction medications on television adds, and ete., etc., is there anything wrong with a little make- be- lieve—once in a while? WHY ARE PEOPLE TAKING THEIR KIDS TO DISNEY LAND AND/OR DISNEY WORLD? WHY DO GROWN MEN STILL LOVE PLAYING VIDEO GAMES? Tell your children the truth….but why embarress them on a radio show with the WHOLE WORLD LISTENING?

  6. I really hope that none of this is true. I like Wendy. She’s funny and straight to the point. Not crazy about her sidekick, Charle-pain in the ass, but I like her.

  7. This is the Question I would like to ask everyone who seem to be intrigue by Shaock Jock dilemma. Why is it that anybody at the time didnt paid attention to Nicole Spence complaint about the sexual harassment,to the point where it end up in court…..not only that she still working there.Who is her boss now? They once said that the world is a mental hospital….is there any sane people left in this world?

  8. If Spence would win the law-suit,she deserve every penny.Spence told Shock Jock about her husband sadistic immoral behaviour and Shock Jock response was-if you cant take the heat in the kitchen (GET THE FUCK OUT) as a woman of power abusing power…..only the stupidest and the wisest never change.The joke will be on who now…in jamaica we said all who laugh last always laugh the best.In otherwords the one who laugh last-laugh the best. ah ah ah!
    By-Suzan Clarke.

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