“The Biggest Loser 5” Winner is Pretty in Pink

Normally, pink is not my favorite color.  It’s a bit too girly and frilly for me.  But on Tuesday night, pink became my color of choice as I watched the season finale of “The Biggest Loser” and practically squealed with delight as Ali Vincent, a member of the pink team, became the first woman to win ‘The Biggest Loser” and the $250,000 grand prize.  

My girl Allie called it.  Even as she was being eliminated earlier in the season — sent home after a group vote — she declared to her fellow contestants that she would be the biggest loser.  At the the time, the declaration seemed outrageous.  At best, all Ali could hope for was to win the $100,000 prize awarded the contestants who did not make the final three.  But later in the season, a twist of fate and a change in the game allowed Ali to be back in contention for the grand prize.  She didn’t take this second chance lightly and working out like her life depended on it, she proceeded to win weekly weigh-in after weekly weigh-in.  

In the five season history of the program, no woman had ever won the grand prize and the title of “the biggest loser”.  Although the contest is based on percentage of weight lost and not actual pounds, women were thought to be at a disadvantage still because men lose more easily.  And the other women, it seemed, took this “fact” to heart.  Even supertrainer Jillian Michaels drank the kool-aid on this one.  But not Ali, she let that cup pass. “This season pink is the color of the biggest loser. Have you ever has a dream so big, so real that it was in the grasp of your hand and you can feel it?” said Ali. “I’ve seen it since day one…when the confetti drops. I {will be} the biggest loser.”

Take that naysayers, doubters and haters.  

When asked why she wanted  a woman win this season, trainer Michaels responded that she wanted women to make,”impossible”, their favorite word.  She continued by saying that when you bring your heart and mind to your favorite intentions, there is nothing you can’t accomplish. 

By the way, Ali lost a total of 112 lbs. beating her male competitor, Roger Shultz who lost 164 lbs.

And I was tickled pink. 

Special Note:  In a previous post, I wrote about husband and wife Curtis and Mallory.  Curtis needed to lose weight in order to qualify to receive health insurance.  The magic number required was 238 lbs.  At the beginning of the contest, Curtis weighed a life-threatening 381 lbs.  When he weighed in on Tuesday, Curtis was 231 lbs. having lost a total of 150 lbs. 

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