Behind the Lens: Real Talk from Jason Prager of “Beauty and the Geek”

by Adriana Aldarondo, guest blogger

 Jason Prager, dubbed “One Buff Geek,” on the CW Network’s new season of “Beauty and the Geek” gives the 411 on the reality of reality television.

Aspiring to be on CW Television Network’s “Beauty and the Geek” (Tuesdays, 8 p.m.) since its beginning, Jason auditioned for the New York open call that led to several “weeks worth of interviews in LA, 1000 question psychiatric evaluation, and an IQ test.”  Jason who was armed with a unique story and quick answers to “the simplest questions like, ‘What makes you so geeky and different from the thousand others applying?’”, advises wannabes not to rely on props, clothes, or looks.  “It is really all about personality and uniqueness.”

Jason’s reality TV experience is not reminiscent of the horror stories we hear about cast, crew, and production. He was surprised by how intelligent the Beauties were, most having higher education.  He still keeps in touch with the crew. Although the production is “nearly accurate and {reflects what is] said within context,” producers squeeze 50 hours of footage into a 44 minute show leaving some hidden holes in the story line. Of course, any single stupid moment became that week’s highlight. 

 Jason said that the 15 hours of daily filming with insanely long portions of that time “devoted” to just waiting for stage setup as well as erratic meal schedules and few hours for socializing and sleep were “factors meant to break us down mentally.”  The goal was to encourage cast compliance and to create the catalyst necessary for cast quarrels. 

I know inquiring minds want to know about the two things: sex and money.  Jason explained that hooking up or being rejected on national television was potentially embarrassing and plainly answered that he personally got no action on the show. As for the money, he did receive a lightly taxed “$100 per diem.”

 Want to know which “Beauty and Geek” pair split the $250,000?  Watch the show.

 Editor’s Note:   Jason and his beauty, Kristina, were kicked off this week.  (4/30/08)


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