Isiah Thomas Out as Knicks Head Coach. There is a God

Isiah Thomas’ reign of disaster as head coach for the NY Knicks is over. Give praise to the deity of your choice.  

Here’s the good news as reported by the New York Times (“Thomas Removed as Knicks’ Coach”):

The Isiah Thomas era officially ended Friday, and a major Knicks rebuilding project is now underway.

Donnie Walsh, who two weeks ago replaced Thomas as the team president, removed Thomas as head coach, but said he will remain with the team, but will have no title and no direct reports.

“I value Isiah’s knowledge of the game and his opinion,” said Walsh in a conference call Friday afternoon. “I will use him as a resource. He will be reporting to me.”

Walsh said that James L. Dolan, the Madison Square Garden chairman who stripped Thomas of the team presidency on April 2 in favor of Walsh, had no input in the decision.

Let the celebration begin. 


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