The Top 5 Signs You May Need Reality TV Rehab

Because I care about my fellow reality television viewers’ mental health, here are the top five signs that your that viewing may be a bit excessive, perhaps bordering on addiction. Thanks to Melanie Velazquez, guest blogger, for the list.


“The Top 5 Signs You May Need Reality TV Rehab”


5. You’ve started quoting reality TV stars when philosophizing about life (i.e. Justin Bobby “Truth and time reveals all”.)


4. You’re so excited about visiting your parents whom you haven’t seen for a while, because they have Direct TV plus DVR. It’s your reality TV Shangri-La.


3. You’re having second thoughts about your boyfriend/girlfriend/friends because they don’t watch the same reality shows as you. Seriously, how can there ever be a real connection?


2. You know nothing about the candidates who are running for the Presidency, but can name the Top 5 contestants of “American Idol”, “Top Model”, “Rock of Love”, “Project Runway”, “The Bachelor” and “Top Chef”. And can passionately explain how they got there.


1. You’re crushing on Ryan Seacrest. Get to rehab, fast!


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