Call Dr. Drew. I am a Dlisted Addict

I just have to share this with someone.  Since you are my new best friend, it might as well be you.  I have a new addiction that no 12-step program will cure. (I think I may have said this before, but I am serious this time.) I am Carla Ray Thompson (Yes, my middle name is “Ray”. What you got to say about it?) and I am addicted to Dlisted.

One of my dear charges (aka students), told me about the super snarky, extremely funny uberblog about the sick and twisted lives of celebrities.  One page view and I was hooked.  (I know, I am bit a late to the party but I did make it.)

Dlisted is far better than the recently New York Times-profiled site Jezebel with all its self-congratulatory smugness whose commenters are prissy little beyotches in comparison. 

The following is my favorite Dlisted quote courtesy of the Michael K, the blog’s man in charge (and a fine man at that) taken from the post, “Miley Can’t Come Out to Play Today”: 

“Disney’s the meanest pimp on the stroll. They perfume their whores with kisses when everything is fine and dandy, but they are quick to burn their asses with a hot curling iron the minute they fuck up in the smallest way.”

Heaven help me. 



One thought on “Call Dr. Drew. I am a Dlisted Addict

  1. I am too.

    The worst thing about Jezebel is when they give ‘punishments’ to other blogs (usually Dlisted) for saying something un-feminist. wtf.

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