Friend of Murdered Student Tyshawn Bierria Speaks Out on Black on Black Violence

Yesterday, hundreds were arrested  in New York City as they protested the acquittals of the officers involved in the Sean Bell shooting.  Today, funeral services will be held for 22-year-old SUNY-Delhi student Tyshawn Bierria.  Both young men were black.  Both were murdered.  One, Bell, shot by New York City police officers.  The other, stabbed to death by black men his same age.  One’s death sparks a movement. The other’s death goes relatively unnoticed. 

Friend of Bierria and Baruch College student, Gabriel Hitt, reflects on the lack of outrage expressed when both the victim and the perpetrator are black. 


Just five days after three New York City detectives were acquitted on all charges in what is arguably the most significant police brutality case in the city’s history, it is evident that the people one would expect to have learned from the case of Sean Bell haven’t learned much. 

The murder of Tyshawn Bierria, who was stabbed outside of his SUNY-Delhi dorm and who died on Friday after being taken off of life support, is an illustration of the senseless acts which magnifies the self-hating disease that plagues young black men throughout America.

Tyshawn Bierria was not troubled. In fact, he was a senior undergraduate who was set to graduate in just two weeks.  One has to ask how a young man, who managed to avoid the stereotypical lifestyle of an inner city youth, could die in such a manner?

In Chicago, there have been over 100 murders since January, most of them black on black crimes. Yet, people are quickly outraged over Sean Bell, and seem quite complacent when murders occur in their own backyard.

I’m in no way trying to minimize the significance of Sean Bell. But It doesn’t make sense to only shout that the cops are killing us when we are killing each other at a far greater pace. The fact is that black men are more likely to be killed by other black men than they are to be killed by police.

Still, Al Sharpton, Jeff Johnson, Nas and other public figures are not protesting, writing songs and speaking out about that!

In order for black people to move in the right direction towards change, as Senator Obama has made it the essential point of his campaign, people cannot continue to accept what has become normal for our black inner city youth.

I, myself, have seen my cousin buried at the age of 19. I have witnessed people in my community continue to destroy each other and have seen enough. I challenge the leaders in our community, as well as our councilmen and public figures to take a stand. Because if we do not take a stand now, we will continue to see our people fall.

14 thoughts on “Friend of Murdered Student Tyshawn Bierria Speaks Out on Black on Black Violence

  1. as a friend of Tyshawn also, i atteneded his wake and it was sad to see that we as people only unify when there is tragedy. Tyshawn did not die in vain

  2. Another young black male lost at the hands of black males. Kudos to Gabriel for pointing out the hypocrisy of political pimps like Sharpton. Black people, hell all people who care, let’s wake up! Tune out the Sharpton’s and Rev. Jackson’s who stir the race pot for personal gain and ego and let’s listen to real people like Gabriel here. Let’s hug and hold our young males of color and tell them to love themselves and respect themselves and others. It takes a village as they say….the whole village!

  3. I agree 100%. Its getting out of control. Tyshawn was a good boy and he didnt deserve this crap. People need the wake the hell up and stop being so damn naive.

  4. I knew Tyshawn very well we were good friends and close but only hung around eachother when there was time to. I am deeply hurt until this day and forever will be. He is in a better place now, for this world is full of anger and crime for no reason what so ever. Those men will do time because it was in GOD’s plan to have them found, for so many people are murdered and there are no clues to who killed them. There will be justiced and for all…I am one who puts that out in my music as an career! My work will be dedicated to my beloved friend…Peace

  5. We will do well once we get rid of patriarchy. In the United States as a whole and the Black community in particular.

    brandon, what the hell are you talking about? what does a patriarchy have to do with anything? stop regurgitating the empty victimology talking points. first off, the black community is not even a patriarchy, it’s a matriarchy thanks to our rampant rates of illegitimacy. given our lack of father figures, i think we actually need MORE of a patriarchy and not less.

  6. Grace and Peace, it’s a tragedy when anyone is killed, especially when we feel like they have so much more living to do. The only thing that I gather from this is that Ty was SAVED!!! He touched other lives for them to be SAVED as well, R U SAVED? Not religious but SAVED have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ! If you close your life tonight will it be in peace?

  7. Tyshawn didn’t die in vain. There was a lot of love at the funeral and at the wake. It hurt because Tyshawn was a great person with a good heart. Karla, I grew up going to church with Ty. I know Tyshawn was saved and I know he’s in a better place. Not everyone can touch so many lives in such a short amount of time. God had a plan for him.

  8. Ty Was Def A Good Person..Ty Was the coolest person any1 could have met. . .and its a shame that he had to go like that. .I was good friends wit ty,Ty Was one of the ppl I turned to when I needed advice and he always had the rite answers for everything. . .Ty Rip Love Ya Homie. . .

  9. Rest In PEACE . Tyshawn Bierria AKA SWAGGAVELLI AKA FLY GUY TY DAmn i miss you Homie the hood misses u Boy U was A good person man Real Rap .Be easy We’ll meet Again 1 day But till then Look over Me I know u And TOne and 3 J ,Johnny hansum Watching us ur legacy will be forever !

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