It’s Official: Bravo’s ‘Work Out’ Loses Another Sponsor – SoyJoy

The new word on the street is that SoyJoy, makers of “whole soy nutrition bars”, has ended its sponsorship of the Bravo reality series Work Out because of the now infamous, May 6 episode, in which trainer and star Jackie Warner and/or her assistant made disparaging remarks about the breasts of a client who, they later learned, is a breast cancer survivor. 

I contacted SoyJoy public relations representative, Gennfier Horowitz (Porter Novelli), earlier today for confirmation and she emailed the following statement:

SOYJOY Brand Manager Rebecca Zimmermann said, “SOYJOY was an official sponsor of Bravo’s “Work Out” – but upon reviewing the tape of the May 6th episode, we decided to pull our sponsorship for the rest of the season.”

This makes the second sponsor to pull out of the series because of the episode; Gatorade (Propel water) was the first.  So when is Bravo going to issue a statement?  What’s taking them so long? 

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6 thoughts on “It’s Official: Bravo’s ‘Work Out’ Loses Another Sponsor – SoyJoy

  1. Good news. I am the son and brother of Breast cancer survivors. We have contacted TGIF, Clairol, Western Union, Subaru, Hersheys, 3M, and Hanes to let them know that we will not be giving them any business while they advertise on Bravo’s Workout. The remarks made on the show about breast cancer were vulgar and hurtful.

  2. I think people have to look past the isolated incident regarding the breast cancer comment and look at Jackie’s overall behavior. America would never allow a heterosexual male boss to get drunk and have sex with employees, curse at then and treat them in a hostile way. As an employer, Jackie has broken several laws not limited to sexual harassment, workplace discrimination and the creation of a hostile work environment.

    There is a double standard that is allowing her and her show to remain on the air, inspite of the fact that she has broken several laws.

    I am a breast cancer survivor that had the same type of surgery that Jaimie had. I was disgusted by the remarks, but more disgusted that a boss would sit and gossip with another employee about a client. The gym atmosphere is supposed to be one that fosters success, not petty jealousy.

    Jesse had a friend on the show a season ago that was a breast cancer survivor and he saw nothing wrong with what Jackie said or did because she owns the gym. I think if you spoke with jesse’s friend, she may be of a different opinion.

    I urge everyone to boycott ALL sponsors of Bravo until they cancel Jackie’s show. the lst thing we need is Jackie Warner getting rich off of this bad behavior.

  3. Everyone is all bent out of shape over this – all the cancer survivors and their families. They didn’t know she had breast cancer. All these people throwing stones – you’ve never made a rude comment about someone? Anyone?? Doubt it. She should appologize, but seriously, it wasn’t intentional, and everyone is blowing it out of proportion.

    Who eats Soyjoy anyway?

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