I Ain’t Never Lied: Obama Becomes Dems’ “Presumptive Nominee”

Last night, after the final two Democratic primaries, it became official like a referee with a whistle — Senator Barack Obama became the Democratic Party’s “presumptive nominee” for president with all of its grand historical implications and realities.  Well, I hate to brag but I called this back in January…Well, sort of. I knew that Hillary Clinton (She still hasn’t conceded. Somebody give this heifer a clue for a $1000), would be her own worse enemy and that if Obama just hung in there, he would capture the prize.

Here’s what I said back in January in “Hillary Don’t You Weep and Obama Don’t You Mourn”:

[Obama] Please do not feel any compulsion to try to beat Hillary at her own game. You have neither the bark nor the bite…if she decides to resume her rabid ways, you may not have to worry about her for she will manage to do the what was thought nearly impossible — put herself down.

Damn, I am good. 

One thought on “I Ain’t Never Lied: Obama Becomes Dems’ “Presumptive Nominee”

  1. Hey, I also predicted this as well—my prediction was based on historical analysis though. This country has always picked black men over whtie women!

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