David Gregory, You’re No Good, Baby You’re No Good?

We know that David Gregory, MSNBC News/NBC News personality and host of Race for the White House (MSNBC Weekdays 6 p.m. EST) likes to get his groove on.  When he has guest hosted the Today Show, he’s boogied to Mary J. Blige and bopped with Chris Brown.  So, I was surprised to read in Jossip that Gregory may have added shanking his co-workers on the down and dirty to his repertoire of moves. 

According to Jossip, here’s how it went down in the “yard”:

…Gregory reportedly backstabbed a colleague in order to get on the NBC Nightly News, reporting on the Scott McClellan book scandal, all the while edging out NBC correspondent Kevin Corke, who did most of the reporting.

When news started trickling in about what McClellan would be saying in What Happened, Corke was traveling with President George Bush, who was in Colorado at the Air Force Academy. Producers had locked in Corke to report on the book’s controversy for that evening’s broadcast on May 28.

Except Gregory, who, we’re told, hasn’t appeared on Nightly News since he began his 6pm MSNBC show, made his case to anchor Brian Williams to let him lead the segment, since it was Gregory who was regularly covering McClellan two years ago, when he was White House press secretary.

“It was a classic ‘big foot’ [that] Gregory has long been known for,” says a well-placed insider.

Let me tell you one thing, if the likes of Gregory did that to me, he’d have my big foot up his a**.

Well, it seems that Corke, a well-regarded news reporter, is taking the high road, and is not speaking about the matter.  But, according  to Jossip, his colleagues–producers are crews– were quite vocal about the misdealings with one unnamed “insider” telling Jossip,  “Nobody will forgive Gregory for big footing a guy as well liked and hardworking as Corke. And the fact Gregory doesn’t see this shows just how much Gregory’s judgment is impaired.” 

“Impaired judgment”? if this is true, dude is blind on one and can’t see out of the other.

I’ve watched Corke and he, along with Tamron Hall, are the bests things that NBC has in its shallow pool of talent.  Corke, whose coverage of the presidential campaign I have particularly enjoyed, is professional, intelligent, yet has the lighthearted touch of someone who is serious about his work but doesn’t take himself to seriously.  He’s a refreshing contrast to NBC/MSNBC’s goofy, out-of-touch, thinking-I’m-funny-but-nobody’s-laughing men and bobble-headed broads.  

If what I have read is true, Corke, don’t worry, the cream always rises to the top…and the slime always sinks to the bottom.

And as for you Mr. Gregory, whose show Race for the White House is disjointed and uninteresting (once again trying to hard to be hip and cool), if you continue your alleged no good, backstabbing ways, you may end up dancing with the devil. 

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Well, they won’t have Kevin Corke to kick around anymore.  It was reported that he was laid off during the recent NBC News/NBC Universal bloodbath on Friday, December 5.  And as of David Gregory, it looks like his assholishness will be duly awarded with an appointment as host of  Meet the Press.  It looks like Armageddon will be taking place sooner than later. 

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