“She’s Got the Look” Contestant Looks Like She’s Got the Look of a Liar

Well, I guess now you will know for certain that I have no life.  Last night–a Saturday night–I was trolling the internet for random bits of information when I discovered this blog post about the recently kicked off She’s Got the Look (TV Land, Wednesdays, 10 p.m.) contestant, Paula, 36  (you will learn the significance of the italics in a second). This sistah, who self-identified as bisexual, really needed to go.  When they placed a wig on her head (a blond one at that), she looked like…oh dear…a man wearing a wig.  And when it was time to walk down the runway, girl looked like…okay…a man in a blond wig trying to walk in heels. Not a good look at all.

But I digress.  

It seems that Paula, whose real name is Paula Thomas, may have lied about her age in order to qualify for the reality television show which features women ages 35 and older competing for a modeling contract. Verite Parlant of Whose Shoes are These Anyway? did a little digging and discovered the following: 

Thomas is not new to reality TV. She starred on the SciFi Channel’s reality show, Who Wants to be a Superhero, where she claimed to be 31. On the first episode of She’s Got the Look (think America’s Next Top Model with older women), she claimed to be 36…If the age she gave on that kooky “reality” show is correct, then at most she’s 33 now. I say that considering the possibility that her season on Who Wants To Be A Superhero may have been filmed two years ago, and if she told the SciFi Channel people the truth, that is. (Source)

Looks like girl got caught.  And what’s up with these professional reality television stars–trifling folks that go from one show to the next in search of 5 more seconds of fame and free room and board?  

Oh by the way, Thomas wasn’t the only person to have lied about her age. Sharon, a widow from California, told the judges at the auditions she was 58.  She was really 63. After Sharon was selected for inclusion in the top twenty and flown to New York, she was confronted by the judges about her deception.  Despite her prevarication, Sharon moved on to become one of the top ten semifinalists only to be eliminated in the second episode.

To get the entire lowdown on Paula, who could come out about her sexuality but not about her age, click here.

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