Wake Me When It’s Over: NBC News Makes Brokaw Host of ‘Meet the Press’ through November Election

On this Sunday’s Meet the Press (MTP), temporary host NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams announced that semi-retired NBC News guy Tom Brokaw will take over moderating duties beginning next week through the end of the November’s election.

It seems that NBC News went digging in the crates, or rather in the crypt, for a long-term (albeit temporary) replacement for the late Tim Russert, former moderator of Meet the Press.  (If you have been in a coma for the last week and haven’t heard, Russert is dead.  I’m not going to into it. Way too much has been said already.)  Yes, ostensibly, this gives them some time to look for a suitable person to assume the throne of the late King Russert.  In reality, by putting Brokaw in the spot, the powers that be have may have hasten their descent into the abyss of irrelevancy. 

Now would have been a wonderful time to try something new in an effort capture the hearts and minds of the alphabet generation (X through whatever) who have a new and growing interest in politics.  But no, it seems that the folks at NBC News have neither the imagination nor the foresight to make such a decision.

And to think, I was going to check out MTP from time-to-time to see what was going to develop on the replacement front.  After the Brokaw announcement, I have decided to spend my Sunday mornings watching SpongeBob Squarepants instead.  At least The Sponge is more entertaining.  And I will get my political news from where I have always gotten it this election cycle – from the Internet. 

For more about MTP and Brokaw, click here.

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