Conde Nast Seeks to Do No Harm When Using Tracking System

After this post, I swear I will lay to rest the subject of the Associated Press (AP) and its knuckleheaded nonsense.  If you haven’t heard, and unless you are a blogger, you probably haven’t, the AP was in dispute with the blog, the Drudge Retort, over the use of its material and subsequently issued a takedown notice the blog citing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act as justification. (See Previous Post)

When this story first broke, I wondered how (and also why, which was never answered) did they find out about these disputed citations?  Well, according to Jossip, the AP employed “technology from Attributor, [in which] the AP plugs its copyrighted content into the software, which then crawls the web to match strings of that content against material published elsewhere.”   

What the AP used for “harm”, it seems that  Conde Nast, the media corporation is using for good.  Instead of trolling the internet for “unauthorized” citations and heavy handedly issuing takedown requests, they do something, oh practically revolutionary: They seek to find a symbiotic and mutually beneficial relationship with new media.  

Here’s a excerpt from Businessweek discussing the magazine giant’s approach:

A few years ago, [Sarah] Chubb [president of] enlisted a team of people to scour the Web for unlicensed content use. Now she has a team that does the opposite—figuring out how to get CondéNet’s recipes, fashion photos, and other content onto up-and-coming blogs and social networking sites. Her team is using Attributor’s system not to issue takedown notices but to spot new targets. “We used to build our sites on the idea that people would come to our home page,” Chubb says. “Now, we’re consciously trying to put our content in a lot of places. In most of those cases, there’s a revenue opportunity for us,” she says, adding that she has no interest in using the technology to launch lawsuits.

See what nice things can happen when we all try to get along.  To read the entire Businessweek article, “Bloggers: Big Media is Watching”, click here.

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