Attention Southerners: The New York Times Has a Job for You…There’s Just One Thing…

I am so mad my head could explode.  But I won’t let it happen because I am too lazy to clean up the mess. And I might need a brain cell or two to get me through the day. Talking about needing a brain cell…Oh lawd, it’s too early for this nonsense.  Well, anyway, I woke all zenned out having gotten over some major pissosity regarding the owner of my favorite Brooklyn bakeshop.  (Mother has some crazy stories about this dude but, for now, I won’t divulge them.).  So, I decided to check out Gawker to get my morning news with a side of snark when I found a post about the New York Times (NYT) and an ad it is running on for a “stringer/researcher”.  

Let me just get to the point.  Besides wanting the person to cover several states, work like a field slave and to be paid like one ($25,000-$30,000. Hey idiots, for your edification, living in the ATL is not cheap.), they also have just one other little requirement:

Story ideas should be crafted as actual pitches and should go beyond topics or angles that the Times has already addressed. Please do not submit ideas concerning dog fights, cock fights, or the Confederate flag.  (JournalismJobs,com)

Who knew the Old Gray Lady was such an ignorant beyotch? (I did. **raises hand**).  I’ve lived in the South for several years (Montgomery, AL to be exact) and there is no one more ignint than a know-it-all liberal northerner.  Nothing chaps my black ass more than nonsense like this.  And speaking of my black ass, this fluckery reminds me of the time when the editor-in-chief of Brooklyn newspaper chain told me in so many words that because I had written primarily for “black” publications (like Black Enterprise), I would not be qualified to write for his granola-eating, NYT reading, white readership (which is 20 people on a good day). No worries, he can use the $50 he would have paid me to shove up his behind.  (Yes, I am in rare form this morning.)  But enough about me.  

It frightens me to think how much power these people –underinformed and misinformed Northern White Liberals– have to determine what is “news” and what isn’t and to ultimately shape our national discourse. Case in point:  At the risk of sounding all Kayne-ish, why don’t they seem to care about the tens of thousands of people who are homeless as the result of the flooding along the Mississippi River?  Compare the coverage of that ongoing event to that of the death of King Tim Russert. 

Well, I’ve had enough,  Thanks to this mess, I am going to need medication for both my nerves and my blood pressure.

And before I forget, thanks Gawker for putting the NYT on blast.  

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