Now Bravo, You Have Gone Too Far: ‘The Real Housewives’ of the ATL?

Why Lawd?  What did I do so wrong to have to be forced live in a world in which I have to witness such madness?  First, the dear folks at Bravo brought us The Real Housewives of Orange County.  Then if that wasn’t enough, and it never is for the execs at Bravo, they present, The Real Housewives of New York City. And now it has been reported by E! that the Bravo is is planning “a third installment of its hit reality series [to be set] in Atlanta.”

The ATL…Ummm…I considered living in the ATL once.  Then I woke up.  It’s very much a wanna-be NYC filled with ex-NYCers who couldn’t quite get their shine on in the Big Apple.  They drive around in cars they can’t afford.  Live in expensive homes on the verge of foreclosure.   

Although I am a faithful Bravo viewer, I haven’t watched either Housewives show.  My thought was that if I wanted to watch a vapid soap opera, I’d tune into the Young and the Restless (Love me some Victor and Drucilla).  But I think I just might check out this nonsense when it airs. The broads look like a hot trannie messes and their bios…Well, I’ll let you be the judge:

  • Deshawn Snow: nonprofit founder, wife of Cleveland Cavaliers baller Eric Snow
  • Kim Zolciack: single mom, aspiring country-music singer
  • Lisa Wu Hartwell: real estate firm owner, jewelry and baby-clothing designer, model, actress, writer…and wife of Oakland Raiders linebacker Ed Hartwell
  • NeNe Leakes: nonprofit founder, wife of real estate investor, two sons
  • Sheree Whitfield: single mother of three, clothing-line owner  (E! Online)

I am sorry. I have to say something.  NeNe?  NeNe?  Wow. NeNe that name is a no no. Not cute at all. Gurlfriend, you need to get yourself a new name if you ever want to be taken seriously outside of the realm of reality television.  I am dying to know the name and the mission of the “nonprofit” she founded.

All that must wait for now.

NeNe.  I just can’t get over that one.  

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