Will DJ Wendy Williams Bring the Heat to Daytime TV or Fizzle Out? (Update 2: Find the Answer Here)

Well, it’s finally here–the end of civilization as we know it.  The final blow will be dealt on Monday, July 14, when New York radio shock jock Wendy Williams will debut her self-titled, hour-long, daytime syndicated talk show on FOX stations in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Detroit. (Check your local listings.)   After an initial six-week run, it will be determined if the show will be picked up for an entire season. (Source)

Williams has been down this path before.  She’s has had a show on VH1 — broadcast sporadically — but never a long term commitment from the network despite having fairly good ratings. Come to think about it, I don’t ever recall any syndicated  daytime show being given a “test” run;  Perhaps, the syndicators/distributors, Debmar-Mercury (Who? Never heard of ’em.), were unable to convince enough markets/television stations that Williams, relatively unknown outside of major urban markets (read: black), presents a worthwhile investment of their programming dollars.

It’s also questionable that a daytime audience accustomed to more sacchrine gabfests, baby mama and divorce drama, and soap opera melodrama, will tune into Williams brand of ghetto-unfabulous crazy. I predict that the sheer curiosity of Williams’ fans — past and present– will give the DJ diva solid ratings for her debut week.  But she must generate strong word of mouth that reaches beyond her core audience if she hopes to make the entire run a ratings success.

And there’s that rarely mentioned elephant in the room — the sexual harassment case filed against Williams by WBLS-FM employee and former Wendy Williams Experience radio show booker Nicole Spence — that might really put the kabash on Williams television dreams. Not one episode has broadcast and already Williams and her show can be viewed as a potential liabilities.

Will I check out the morning madness?  Maybe on the first day. But I doubt if I will hang around for the full week.  As a former listener of the Wendy Williams Experience, I have learned that I can take Williams over-the-top ignorance in small measured doses for a while — a very short while — after which I have to engage in an extended detox.  There is only so much ignorance that a body can take.


Wendy’s debut show does well in the ratings…Very well.  Click here for the details from TV Week. Stay Tuned. 



Wendy is on Fire and Her Flame Refuses to be Put Out
Wendy is on Fire and Her Flame Refuses to be Put Out

The crazy beyotch done did it. I stand corrected. Not only did she have me tuning in daily to her very funny brand of hot mess during its 6 week run, it seems that she captured the attention of many others as well — so many that she’s been picked up by FOX stations across the nation. Her official national debut will take place mid-2009.  Here’s the word on the matter via MediaWeek:

Following a successful multi-week preview on Fox Television owned-and-operated stations in four markets, Fox announced plans Monday (Aug. 18) to clear the Debmar-Mercury-distributed program in mid-2009 on stations in all 18 of its markets…’Everything about the Wendy preview clicked for our stations, from conception to promotion to hitting the air. It completely broke the mold. The show is now a proven winner, and we can’t wait to see it debut across the country next year,’ said Frank Cicha, senior vp of programming for Fox Television Stations.

Well, I ain’t got ish to say except, “See you in 2009.”  


It’s going to be July 2009 to be exact.

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