Jesse, Lay Off Obama’s Family Jewels

What in the name of all that is unholy and stank is going here?   Has Jesse “Baby Daddy and America’s Favorite Poverty Pimp” Jackson lost his damn mind?  Oh yes, the ish got hot yesterday when it was revealed that Jackson, the self-appointed and soon-to-be-dethroned king of all Negroes, remarked “off-camera” prior to an appearance on FOX News’ Sunday show that he wanted to “cut” the “nuts out” of presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama.  Ouch!  (Source)

What prompted such ballbusting ire?  Well Messy Jesse thought Obama was “talking down to black people” and was possibly reacting to Obama’ Father’s Day speech in which the Senator called on black fathers to become more responsible for their progeny.  

I guess Jesse wanted Obama’s cajones because he has none of his own. 

Well, late yesterday evening, Jackson issued the obligatory half-assed apology which Team Obama accepted (probably while cursing Jesse’s ass out under their collective breath).  (Source)

Too sad.

Messy Jesse, I guess it’s time to retire from your job…Oh, wait, you don’t have a “job”. “Activist” isn’t really an occupation.  If it is, then it’s time to de-activate.

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