OC Mom of 5, Tanya Hutchinson, Proves She’s Got the Look on TV Land’s Reality Series (UPDATE)

As I watched the finale of TV Land’s reality series/modeling competition, She’s Got the Look, I became increasing emotional as the remaining four contestants went through their final paces and expressed how the competition, in which women 35 plus compete for a modeling contract and a magazine cover, changed their lives.

Here’s some of what they had to say as they prepared for the final two challenges, the first of which was to design a cover for Self magazine exploring the theme, “You at Your Best” and to pitch that concept to the Self’s editor-in-chief and other staff members:

Bahia 37 – The sultry, sexy, Muslim beauty had this to say, “I always knew I could do it…[but] I never took action…[I] decided to realize a dream.”  She discovered that she was “more of afraid of success because you have to live up to it.”

Tanya 45 – The Orange County mother of 5, survived a brutal stabbing by a jealous teen in her native Detroit at the age of 14. Throughout the competition, the judges remarked that she seemed way to put together — in an artificial beauty pageant kind of way.  With each challenge, Tanya began to evolve into the woman she always knew she was meant to be.  For Tanya, the competition was just another step in the journey to become her complete and authentic self. “It has taken 45 years to develop into a woman I admire and respect,” she declared.

After the presentation to the Self editors, one contestant, Celeste, a fabulous 51 year old, who looks decades younger was eliminated.  Karine, 40, a tall, ultra-thin and somewhat gangly, Scandinavian, along with Bahia and Tanya comprised the final three whose challenge was to bring their concepts to life in an actual photo shoot which they had to direct from start to finish.

All three killed it, creating beautiful cover photos.  But in the end, the judges crowned Tanya Hutchinson winner of “She’s Got the Look” believing her accessible beauty had mass appeal and would serve as in inspiration to mothers everywhere.

The other two finalists were happy that Tanya won (although admittedly they would have like to have been victorious). The ever straight forward, no nonsense Bahia did issue this mandate:  “She has to make us all proud.  I want to be proud that we lost to the best.”

Don’t worry sistah Bahia, Tanya has already made us proud.


She’s Got the Look is returning for a second season beginning June 11 at 9 p.m. Eastern/Pacific. I’m all in!  Check out my Q&A with judge celebrity stylist Robert Verdi and sneak peak of the show.  To view, click here.

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