Want a Piece of Me? Get a Piece of “The Ride” Instead.

Always looking to extend “The Ride” and to have  fun in the process, I have decided to put my relatively new digital camera to use to create a Flickr webpage/photostream of my photos (example above).   I am a budding nothing  but I love f-ing around with I-Photo to see what my twisted mind can create. (Don’t expect anything wild; I am only mildly strange and hardly dangerous.)

If you are inclined and have a few minutes to spare, check out “‘The Ride’ in Pictures” on Flickr.

And if I don’t have enough things to do to distract me, I’ve taken to using those photos to create goodies for purchase via CafePress.  Oh yes, you can purchase note cards, post cards and other stuff to make your own ride just that more delightful.  (I bet you didn’t know that you could have a little sugar with your snark, did you?)

My favorite pieces are a black t-shirt and hat both with the logo, “HoodRich!”

If you want your very own piece of “The Ride”, visit “The Ride” by Carla Ray Thompson at CafePress.  (Yeah, “Ray” is my middle name.  Whatcha got to say about it?…You knew that sacchrine-laced sweetness wouldn’t last.)  

That’s all I have to say for now.  To paraphrase a great soothsayer and entrepreneur, “P**ping “The Ride” ain’t easy but it sure is fun.”

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