Revisiting TLC’s ‘Jon and Kate Plus 8’ (Update)

For some reason, I knew a love like this wouldn’t last when we met nearly a year ago by way of the TLC reality television series, Jon and Kate Plus 8 (Mondays, 9 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. EST).  Jon and Kate Gosselin, I admired your struggle to raise a set of twins and sextuplets and found your “take us warts and all” approach to the filming of your family admirable and refreshing.  But recently, I have found myself cringing more than smiling at your behavior and wondering about the long-term effects that such intense public display and scrunity will have on your young children as they age.

Kate, my dear, I find your behavior the most troubling.  Your verbal abuse, and yes, it is abuse, of Jon, who seems utterly miserable, is reprehensible.  You scream at him, call him names and have even slapped him across the face (You tried to make it seem like a playful slap but I am not so certain that it was.)

No mother should disrespect her husband in front of her children.  You, who are so concerned about the food they eat (It must be organic) and cleanliness of their clothing (so much so that you often forbid them to engage in normal childhood activities and when they do so hover over them to prevent them from making a mess) should be equally, if not more concerned, about the negative example you are setting.  And think about this for a second: Would you want your sons’ to marry women who treat them like you treat Jon?  I think not.  Perhaps, you do what you do because you know you can get away with it.  Jon can be your punching bag, literally, because you know that he adores his children and leaving them would break his heart and leaving you would break his bank account.

And Jon, don’t think that you are without sin.  I have just one thing to say to you, “Man up!!”  Why are you allowing yourself to be treated in such a manner?  Why are you allowing your children to be subtly abused by Kate’s behavior?  Have you permanently tuned out the constant haranguing and numbed out to all that is happening around you?  Put your foot down. (If it was me, I would be putting my foot “up” — straight up her you-know-what because I have an even shorter fuse than Kate.  I don’t advocate this approach. I heard that jail can pain in the butt.).  I beg you, get tough. Do it for yourself and for the children you apparently love so much.  (And might I also add that you need to put a little fear of God in Kate’s behind. I believe she thinks that you would never leave her.  I say “leave” for a few hours.  Don’t let her know where you are going. Turn the cell phone off.  And when you return, don’t say where you have been just give her the “death stare” and go about your business and see if she doesn’t straighten up a bit.  It won’t be a permanent change–Kate is a hard case — but at least you will get a bit of a respite.)

I am sorry that I am coming down so hard on you…Who am I kidding?  I am not sorry at all.  You two need a little tough love.  Because you are both admittedly isolated/estranged from your families and seemingly distanced from any wise counsel, it’s imperative that we fans, both past and present, speak out both for your sakes and for the sakes of your children.

*Descending from the soapbox to deal with my own screwed up family*


According to TLC (and widely published reports) Jon and Kate Gosselin are divorcing after 10 years of marriage (filed papers on June 22, 2009).

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5 thoughts on “Revisiting TLC’s ‘Jon and Kate Plus 8’ (Update)

  1. I completely agree, WELL STATED!! I used to enjoy the show but by the 3rd season Kate was out of control. I have real concerns about those 8 lovely children. Now she has 2 more lives to ruin….those puppies! What has happened to her brother, Jodi,& Beth? Now that they have moved to a “bigger house” (I understand it is a mere $!.3 million!!) the family will be even more isolated. I can already hear Kate’s voice, manner, & sarcasisssm in her children. How sad that this has become one of the most popular reality shows on television. What is happening to our nation if we delight in this type of “entertainment”? Jon says he would do anything, anything for his kids. How about cancelling the show, getting a real job and leaving Kate before she does irreparable damage to her children. This family is on a colision course. How profoundly sad that is.

  2. It is not too late to change your approach! Do it now! You say you know how you are Kate, but I don’t think you do, or perhaps you have filtered out what is unpleasant to you. I too have seen a decidedly meaner, sarcastic and self centered Kate, not only to Jon, but to guests as well; ie; Steve Thomas from Renovation Nation. That was not cute or funny, and I see it rising up in your children. You are to be an example to your children! Just as I have heard you say to your Husband several times in the show. You , my dear girl need to take a long hard look at yourself
    and try to mend the damage you have done! I thought the kids were
    adorable, but I’m seeing your attitude in them and it’s utterly ugly. I’ve also seen were you play it off, as oh, well if they don’t like it, that’s me and I’m not changing for any one. Is it really worth it, ask your self that, and see what kind of an answer you come up with.; that is if you can truely be honest with yourself!

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