Taking “The Ride” in a Different Direction

There's a Seat for You on "The Ride"
There's a Seat for You on "The Ride"

When I started The Ride over a year a ago, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted it to be. All I knew that was that I wanted to write about something, about anything.  And that I did.  So the result was a hodgepodge of stuff about education, politics and pop culture among other things.  This approach served me well for a while but I began to feel that there was something missing: real direction and a real, clear and distinct voice.

After examining my posts, I realized there was a theme emerging despite my efforts to be a freewheeling soul.  It became all too clear that I was possessed by the pop culture/reality television demon.  I knew I had to make peace with this beast and thus I decided to turn it over to higher power — WordPress — and commence blogging about reality TV/pop culture more rather than less because exorcisms are so 1970s.

So what began as The Ride: Life Lessons for Those Who Can’t Draw a Straight Line  is now The Ride: Popping Off About Pop Culture.  Yeah, change is a good thing.  

So, jump on board if you are so inclined because this ride ain’t stopping for no one.

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