Disability Groups Getting Set to Take on ‘Tropic Thunder’

When I read the headline, “Nationwide ‘Thunder’ Boycott in the Works” (NY Times), I was expecting to hear from Rev. Al Sharpton and Messy Jessie Jackson and the like flapping their gums about the upcoming comedy,Tropic Thunder, featuring Robert Downey, Jr. in blackface.  And by the way, the trailer is as funny as hell in a very Chappelle Show way. (I just might brave the nastiness of a New York City movie theater to see it when it opens.  Do you know where I can rent a hazmat suit?)

Well, Jackson and Sharpton aren’t involved in this one.  According to the Times, it seems that disability groups are the ready to put the smackdown on the film in the the form of a national boycott. They take umbrage at the frequent use of the word ‘ retard’ when referring to the character,”Simple Jack, who is played by Mr.[Ben} Stiller in a subplot about an actor who chases an Oscar by portraying a mindless dolt.” (Source).

The self-appointed spokesperson for this protest is Timothy Shriver, chairman of the Special Olympics, who, in the midst of all the b.s. that we as a country have to deal with, has the nerve “to ask members of Congress for a resolution condemning what he called the movie’s ‘hate speech’ and calling for stronger federal support of the intellectually disabled.”  

Somebody tell me that this is a joke. Not the part of about providing more funding for programs but the “hate speech” part.  Oh, the things I could say, but I don’t want be accused of “hate speech”.  I am just wondering what Mr. Shriver’s mental disability is. (You knew I couldn’t resist. I will not be silenced.)  He should know that every time you raise the whole “hate speech” matter, start protesting some movie, television show or song, that people are going to dismiss whatever you say as empty rhetoric, just ask Messy Jesse and Big Hair Al. 

FYI.  Just for the record, I am a longtime contributor to the Special Olympics. (I hate having to say this.  It sounds so, “Some of my best friends are black.”)

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