Is Reality TV the New Crack? Ask Bravo’s Andy Cohen

I knew something was up.  I was wondering why I — a somewhat sensible woman (Don’t laugh) — spends most of my time eyes glued to the television watching countless hours of reality television. Well, Andy Cohen, Senior Vice President for Original Programming for Bravo, said, in the September issue of Portfolio, what I knew to be true all along:

The great thing about our shows is, people want to see the again.  A lot of times, we’ll premiere an episode of Top Chef and then rerun the episode right when it’s over.  And people stay tuned!  Some of our shows are really like crack.

So can we now say that some crack is not wack?   Is Andy Cohen my dealer?   He does deliver damn good product.  Reality TV is an addiction I can live with.


There’s a story in this week’s New York Times Magazine about Andy Cohen’s boss — the Godmother to his capo — Lauren Zalaznick, executive in charge of Bravo Media.  To read, click here.

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