Super Cr3w Becomes Second Season Winner of ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’

After weeks of battling street dance teams from around the country, Las Vegas’ Super Cr3w won the second season of the MTV competition reality series, Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew, taking home $100,000, a golden trophy and earning a spot on the national tour co-headlined with last year’s victors, The JabbaWockeeZ. 

Although they consistently brought their best b-boy swagger complete with mind-blowing stunts during the season, Super Cr3w had to battle back from the brink of elimination an unprecedented three times thanks to the fickle dialing fingers of the American public who get to vote weekly for their favorites. At least two points during the the competition, the judges — choreographer Shane Sparks, hip hop recording artist, Lil Mama, and former boy band member JC Chasez  — became frustrated with America’s choices chastising voters to get it right.  Shades of American Idol and Sanjaya.

More about the judges.  I love them. They are three highly opinionated and passionate individuals who deliver constructive criticism to crews straight with no chaser and who aren’t afraid to go toe-to-toe with another to defend their views.  Ironically, Randy Jackson, noted American Idol judge, is the executive producer of this show which bears his name.  Take note Randy.  Perhaps in the upcoming season of AI, you could say something other than “Yo dawg.” 

Watching these crews, who show in both victory and defeat, the utmost respect for their competitors. (far more than some well-regarded Olympic athletes, I might add), is enough to warm my cold-pea sized heart. More heartwarming were their stories which included rejection by family members (finalist SoReal Cru) and living in cars (Fanny Pak). One crew member, Joey of Detroit’s A.S.I.I.D, is profoundly deaf.  Yes, you read that right.  And brother never missed a step. If that doesn’t inspire you to get off your trifling ass and do you own damn thang, you are a worthless mofo.

And if your crew has what it takes — swagger, heart, discipline, and mad skills — to be America’s Best Dance Crew, the show will be returning for a third season poised to take street dancing to the stratosphere giving it the respect that it more than deserves.

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