Dee Makes the Cut and Is Declared “Shear Genius”

I am not a hairologist nor am I a hairnista.  There is nothing I like less than to going a hair salon and being forced to wait for endless hours as I watch so-called “professionals” with too much snap in their voices and too little pep in their step, eat lunch, gossip and adjust their own hairdos and promise to get around to me eventually.  It just makes a sistah want to go off and tear up a place. So, for the sake of all those concerned, I have adopted a no maintenance hair style… Let me stop for a minute. Take a breath, Carla. Sorry, I was having bad salon flashbacks. (**fans herself**).  So, what’s my point?  Oh yeah, Dee Adames, 37, won the big prize on the second season of Bravo’s hair stylist competition Shear Genius taking home $100,000, an apprenticeship with Nexus, and a “chance” to style hair for an Allure magazine shoot.  (I put “chance” in parenthesis because the wording makes this prize seem a bit suspect.)

Who is Dee?  I have to admit, I really don’t her know her like I do other winners of reality competition series. Dee has interesting personal style that combines spiked hair and modified men’s wear but not a memorable personality.  She is just a competent professional — which makes her a bit of a yawn in the world of reality television. Also, this season, had an overall sleepy vibe. I watched nearly every episode and found the challenges interesting, the efforts of the stylists admirable, the judges fair and respectable, the contestants mildly more reasonably competitive than cutthroat. There was no white haired, trash talking Tabitha Coffey, the villainess of season, to keep us thoroughly entertained.  (By the way, Lady T’s antics earned her her very own show on Bravo, Tabitha’s Salon Takeover, Thursdays, 10 p.m.).

Better luck next season, I guess.  (By the way, congrats to Dee.)

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