VH1’s ‘The Cho Show’ Proves to be an Imitation of ‘Life’

I’ve never been a bona fide fan of Korean-American comedian Margaret Cho.  It just seems like she tries too hard to be controversial, political and relevant and forgets to be funny in the process. She’s like the girl who becomes lesbian or dates “the black guy” for a semester in college just to prove that she is like not others of her kind. And I have had more than enough of her yapping about her failed sitcom attempt which occurred over 10 years ago.  Puleese. The line forms at the left for every actor who has ever had a show cancelled — and it’s a long one.  Well, since reality television is a haven for  C and D-listers, strivers and wannabes –with talent both questionable and marginal — and those looking for a second chance at their place in the sun, Cho is back giving it another go on her own “My Life on the D-List”, The Cho Show on VH1 (Thursdays, 11 p.m. Eastern).

Oh, yes, watching The Cho Show is like watching a retread Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List without the  irreverant, off-the-chain, self-deprecating humor. There are some “Oh no, she didn’t go there” moments on The Cho Show but they are not good ones.  For example, Cho, trying to decide what to wear to a event where she will receive the Korean of the Year Award (I want to receive a Supreme Fly Ass Negress Award myself), has one of her stylists decoratively paint her body. Shocking. Not!!  I don’t want to look at my own slightly gravity challenged tittays let alone someone else’s.

Like Kathy, Cho has a brood of assistants which includes a Latina dwarf, Selene Luna, and two or three gay stylists. And like Kathy, she’s all about her gays. The best line, contrived though it may be, was when Cho said, “Every dog has it day and every diva has her gay.” (That’s why I haven’t been crowned Supreme Fly Ass Negress; I need my own gay.) Once again taking a page from My Life on the D-List, Cho’s parents are an intergral part of her show –the most amusing part I might add. Ditch Margaret and give these two their own show co-starring Kathy Griffin’s hilarious mom.

Maybe I am too hard on Margaret. As a woman of color, she has suffered the indignity of having her own show network show cancelled only to fashion a lucrative career from the ashes (The heifer’s home in the Hollywood Hills to die for.)

Although, I have an aversion to sloppy seconds, I will give The Cho Show another look hoping that she prove herself to be more than an unflattering imitation of Miss Kathy.

Margaret Cho Who?  I'm the Real Star.
"Margaret Cho" Who? I Am the Real Star. (photo: Carla Ray Thompson)

4 thoughts on “VH1’s ‘The Cho Show’ Proves to be an Imitation of ‘Life’

  1. “She’s like the girl who becomes lesbian or dates “the black guy” for a semester in college just to prove that she is like not others of her kind.” You seem pretty ignorant.

  2. I don’t think you get the point of her shows. In my own opinion and taste, I enjoy Cho’s humor a whole lot more than Kathy Griffin’s. I think in most of Margaret’s shows there are some basic morals and values eg ‘everyone’s beautiful,’ ‘don’t let others put you down,’ ‘be yourself,’ etc. They may be redundant and cliche, but I think people can relate to her through those messages. I have only seen a few Kathy’s shows and I just don’t find myself enjoying her humor or the points that she makes.

  3. Most of those who don’t ‘enjoy Kathy’s humor’ can’t see past her abrasive personality and are turned off by her crude manner. Because of this, they cannot recognize her for her absolute genius stream-of-conscious stand up (which is nearly completely improvised), her ironic messages and her powerful convictions. Margaret is funny, but I feel like her whole image is carefully calculated and made to look more spontaneous than it actually is. I think she’s great, but not nearly as talented or as naturally hilarious as Kathy Griffin.

    In other words, Will, there is a reason why “Life on the D-List” has not been canceled after four or so episodes.

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