Women, Sarah Palin’s Way is Not For You

Damn.  I promised myself that I would never write another post about politics again.  The contentious Democratic Presidential Primary wore me the hell out and now I just ready to have the whole thing over with. Elect somebody. Anybody already and let’s get on with the business of trying to repair this badly damaged country.  Okay, when I said “anybody”, I certainly didn’t mean the likes of Republican Vice Presidential nominee and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.  In less than a week, that heifer managed to land herself on the cover of no less than four tabliods, start a media feeding frenzy usually reserved for the likes of Britney, Amy Crackhouse and Brangelina and redefine the meaning of “baby mama drama”.  She is America’s quintessential hot ghetto mess proving that ghetto messes know neither race nor region.  

And yes, last night, during the Republican National Convention, she did give a good speech. Girl, talked her ish and effectively laid the gauntlet down at the feet of the Democrats.  Although her performance may have been a surprise to some, it wasn’t to me for what hot ghetto mess worth her money in manicures and big hair isn’t good at trash talking?  Sistah’s got that vocal neck snap down.

Listen, I didn’t take time out of my busy schedule to endlessly muse about her la vida loca.  What troubles me about Sistah Sarah is the example she sets for other women seeking to rise to power.  

Come close my sistahs, do not be deceived by Palin’s rise and thinking that a slim resume, a gaggle a of kids, and some experience as “hockey mom” can take you straight to the top of any profession.  The mere fact that she openly speaks about having five children including an infant with special needs would, under any other circumstance, cause the door of opportunity, not to open widely, but to be effectively slammed shut in her face. 

Employers no more like women with children than they do a persistent case of crotch crabs.  They will say they are “family friendly” as long as that family doesn’t interfere with the performance of your daily duties. God forbid your child becomes ill forcing you take a day off.  Upon your return, you will be given the side-eye from hell from both your supervisors and co-workers and will begin to be treated as a liability rather than an asset.  At nearly every place I’ve worked — and I have worked in a lot of places, trust me — I’ve witnessed this same scenario.  

And, by the way, when you are looking for that prized job in the first place, and don’t start feeling a little too free and commence yakking about  your kids during your interview. The interviewer may smile approvingly, yes, but it’s not for the reasons you think. You just did him a favor.  He/She can cross you off the list. Like I said, he/she will smile, shake your hand, and tell you that you are wonderful.  But when it is all said and done, you will never hear from that employer again.

And yeah, tell him that being a “hockey mom” effectively prepares you for anything.  Better yet, on your resume, list that under “professional experience”.  After the screeners finish laughing, they will impolitely file your resume in the trash.   

So my sistahs, you can congratulate America’s favorite hot ghetto mess, Sarah Palin, on her ascent…or not. But I implore you, don’t think that her way to the top can be your way.  Do not be deceived. There is no substitute to for real experience and keeping your damn mouth shut when it comes to matters regarding your family and/or whether or not you have a family in the first place.

3 thoughts on “Women, Sarah Palin’s Way is Not For You

  1. Prof.
    This was entertaining and insightful. I would hate to think that any woman worth her salt is taking this woman seriously. I keep thinking of Susan Lucci every time I hear her name…. somehow I think she should be starring in her own soap opera…”Susan Faces Life” ! The bottom line is , it is really sad how credible she appears to so many people. She is a cornucopia of right wing-ism with mass appeal for the brainless. This should not come as a surprise… after all, her fans voted for Bush twice !!.

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